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Just have sex with her

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Best position for pregnant woman?

how can i make love with pregnant woman

Can overmastubation man make a woman pregnant?

No amount of masturbation can make a woman pregnant, she can only get pregnant if sperm fuses with an egg cell.

Can a man with one testicle make a woman pregnant?

Yes. A man with one testicle can make a woman pregnant. One testicle still produces thousands of sperm. It takes one sperm to make a woman pregnant.

Does smooching make a women pregnant?

No. To make a woman pregnant you must have sexual intercourse with her.

What hole should be penetrated to make a woman pregnant?

Penetration would occur in the vagina for a woman to get pregnant.

Which hole does the penis enter to make a woman pregnant?

The penis enter to make a woman pregnant the vagina during sex, which can lead to pregnancy.

Can sperm outside the vagina make a woman pregnant?

No. Sperm inside the vagina will make her pregnant.

Did Lil Wayne make two women pregnant?

yes he make two woman pregnant...

Can a male with 4 inch erect penis make a woman pregnant?

Yes any size can get a woman pregnant.

Can an incomplete quadriplegic man who has function of his penis and ejaculating make a woman pregnant?

A man who can ejaculate can make a woman pregnant, regardless of his strength or mobility.

Why was thalidomide given to pregnant woman?

The THALIDOMIDE is given to a pregnant woman to make sure that the child do not lose there body parts.

How many sperm cells does it take to make a woman pregnant?

It only takes one SPERM cell to make a woman PREGNANT BE SAFE WEAR A CONDOMN

Can yellow sperms make woman pregnant?

Yes it can.

How does a transgender woman get pregnant?

A transgender woman cannot get pregnant.

What is smegma and can it make a woman pregnant?

It is a combination of exfoliated (shed) epithelial cells, transudated skin oils, and moisture. It can't get a woman pregnant.

How to make pregnant?

To make a woman pregnant, she must come into sexual contact with a man in the days that are considered unsafe days.

Can a human make a human?

Yes, but only woman who are pregnant can make a baby.

When a sperm cell penetrates an egg?

It then will make the woman pregnant

Can you get a woman pregnant if she pregnant?

No. Once pregnant, a woman can't get pregnant-er.

Does a pregnant woman legally have to tell the biological father she's pregnant?

No. She does not have to by law. It is up to the woman to discuss with people she trusts and make the decision for herself.

Can a woman with hpv get pregnant?

A woman with hpv can get pregnant.

Can a woman ovulate if she is pregnant?

No; a woman will not ovulate if she is pregnant.

Can a woman make another woman pregnant?

No, your egg needs to be fertilized by a sperm; something a woman do not produce :)No. Men and women were specifically designed to make children...the men have the sperm, and the women eggs. There is no possible way for girls to make girls pregnant.they will hav to adopt

If sperm gets on the outside of the vagina can a woman get pregnant?

If it does not manage to make its way to the inside there is not a chance that she will get pregnant.

Can only the liquid not the sperms make a woman pregnant?

a women can get pregnant by the liquid cause it does carry sperm

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