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Simply just put your credit card numbers it asks for

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Q: How do you make an ITunes account with a credit card?
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How do you make a iTunes account with out a credit card?

You buy a itunes gift card and make your account with that

What happens when you run out of money on your itunes gift card?

If you have a verified credit card still on the account then it will charge the credit card, if the credit card used to make the account has been removed you will not be able to purchase anything unless you have an itunes card.

How do you make an itunes account?

you have to be 13 and have a credit card and follow the steps

Do you have to have a iTunes card to make a iTunes account?

You do not need an iTunes gift card to make an iTunes account. However, you need an iTunes gift card to download music through your iTunes account.

I have a ipod touch and the itunes account is under my moms name and i want to make my own account but itunes doesn't work can i delete my moms account off my ipod on my ipod touch itunes?

You will need a credit card with your name on it for this to work. If you make the account and sign in to it on itunes, when you sink the ipod it should have your account on it.

How do you make iTunes account with iTunes card?

Well, first I am assuming that you have and itunes Gift card. If I am correct then that has nothing to do with an itunes account. With the itunes gift card that allows you to get songs, videos, TV shows, movies or apps that is equal or lesser than you gift card amount. But before you can use it you have to make an itunes account on itunes store.

Can you close your credit card account and continue to make payments?

No, what usaully takes place is that the credit card company freeze your credit card account and you continue to make payments

How do you get games on the iPhone?

To get games on the iPhone which are supposed to be called apps you will first need to have a credit card or an itunes gift card then you should make an account either on your iphone through the app store or on itunes on your computer after inputting your detail giving them your gift card number or your credit card detail you can use your account on the iphones app store to buy and download free and paid apps.

How can you make the credit card company reopen an account and remove 'closed by credit grantor' from your credit report?

You can't MAKE a credit card company reopen an account. You can call the credit bureau and request that they change the status to indicate that is was closed by you and not the credit grantor. Or, you can simply put a notation in your credit report stating that the account was closed by you and not the card company.

How do you become a member of itunes?

click sign in and then not yet a member will show up and you click that and you make an account involving your e-mail and your credit card information

When does the money come out of your debit card account when you make a purchase on itunes?

I don't know about itunes but, whenever I use my debit card, the money comes out immediatly

Where can one make online payments for credit cards?

In order to make online payments for credits cards, it is necessary to set up an online account for the credit card. This will require requesting an online account from the bank that issued the credit card. From there, it is possible to access the credit card bill and make accounts as needed.

What if you just scratched the code of your iTunes gift card?

you enter it into you itunes account if you have one, if you dont make one and then add it

What happens if you transfer money from your checking account to your credit card?

When you transfer money from your checking account to your credit card, you make a credit card payment. If you do not have a balance owed on your credit card, then you will have credit or a positive balance on your card.

Do you need an apple gift card to get something from the apple?

No, to purchase paid content you will need to have money in your Account (from giftcards) or your account attached to a credit card. To purchase free content you do not need to have a credit card or gift card (for example, free apps from the App Store) Just ensure you make an Apple ID through the App Store and not through the iTunes store or else a credit card will be required.

How do you put money on the app store with no gift card?

You will have to input your credit card details to spend money on iTunes and the app store. You cannot actually "add" money without a gift card but imputing your card details in your account will be charged for each purchase you make.

Can a business force you to accept a credit to your credit card for a returned purchase that you did not make on a credit card?

No. I don't see how that could be possible. CCC's will only credit an account for a purchase that has been made on that account. I don't understand how or why a business would think they could make that type of transaction.

Do credit cards instantly debit a bank account when a transaction occurs?

When a transaction occurs, a credit card does not instantly debit a bank account. Since a credit card is linked to a line of credit, it is dependent on the user to make individual payments in order to replenish that credit line.

Can you make a PayPal account with no credit card?

I think it's not possible to do so.Because i have also tried to verify my account without credit card and it denied.So it's not possible. Actually, I believe you can set up a paypal account without a credit card. However, adding one allows you to verify your account and up your limits.

If someone dies with 10K in credit card debt and has bank account does the credit card company get the money?

Yes, they are a creditor that can make a claim on your estate.

How do you make an apple account without a credit card?

first go to itunes buy something wth your account press buy now a sighn will come up apple id click create an account fill in information if all your information is right it will say none right next to it is credit card say none that's means no credit card then hit submit confirm your e-mail it it works tadaa Danish Tanveer the thing you buy does it have to be free

Do you have to have a PlayStation network card to open an account?

No the network card is not even needed to make purchases from the Playstation Store if you have a credit card

How old does someone need to be to make an amazon account?

As long as you have a debit or credit card. Then you will have the ability to create an account.

Do you have to have iTunes to make an iTunes account?

Yes, you can get iTunes by going on the internet, "Download iTunes".

How do you make a free iTunes account?

All you have to do is click like on a free app, click on one of the free apps and click "create account", then fill out everything you need to, when you finally get to the credit card part there will be a place that says none and finish the rest(: