How do you make an apple pie on Lego?

Updated: 8/17/2019
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Q: How do you make an apple pie on Lego?
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How do you get an apple butter on my lego network?

Sendin Henrietta an Apple Pie. She will send you a Honey Pie blueprint in return. Make the honey pie and send one to Henrietta. She will send you the Apple Butter blueprint in return.

How do you get to rank one in my LEGO network?

make a apple give it to Echo. Next make 5 apples and send them to Farmer John. farmer john will give you apple pie blueprint. make apple pie and send it to farmer john. he'll give you the crimson apple blueprint. make crimson apple and Echo will reward you with rank1. Search me on my Lego network and my name is hunterJack.

How do you get the apple pie blueprint in my Lego network?

Send your first friend Echo a Apple and he will send you back the Apple Pie Blueprint

How do you get rank one on your Lego network?

Send an apple to echo. he will give you an apple pie blueprint. make it and send it to farmer jhon. he will send you the graet apple blueprint. make it and then your rank 1

How do you get apple butter in My Lego Network?

send henrietta a honey pie

Will apple pie make you fat?

Apple pie, if partook in small quantities, will probably not make you fat. However, if you eat apple pie after apple pie, day after day, it will make you fat.

How do you get to rank 1 on Lego network?

You have to send Echo an Apple, then he'll give you a blueprint for Apple Pie. Then, befriend Farmer John if you haven't already, and mail him an Apple Pie. He'll give you the blueprint for the Crimson Apple Masterpiece and once you make it, you'll be Rank1 .

How do you make apple pie in Minecraft?

You cannot make apple pie in vanilla minecraft

How do you make uncooked apple pie in Runescape?

You make an uncooked apple pie from using dough with a pie pan and using a cooking apple with the pan.

How do you get an apple pie in my lego network?

you go to your inventory click on apple blueprint than click make it go to your mailbox next and click new and click on Echo's face (you could just click reply to the message he sent you) than click attachment and put on the apple than go on message and choose any message, he will send you an apple pie click collect attachment and that's how you get the apple pie. check out my post of how to gain rank one in my Lego network

What is the easiest pie to make?

An apple pie.

How do you get rank 1 in my LEGO network?

Send farmer John an apple pie. He will then give you the Crimson Apple Masterpiece blueprint. Follow the instructions: INGREDIENTS 5 red Lego bricks 1 apple