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An egg will sink in water but will float in salt water. An egg will sink faster in hot water than it will in cold water.

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salt is dense so if there is salt, it will float
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Q: How do you make an egg sink?
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Does salt water make an egg sink?


Why does an egg flout or sink in water?

why does an egg float or sink in water

What will make a floating egg sink?

Normaly if an egg floats it is bad and should be discarded. As the egg ages air pockets enter the egg, that's why they float. A change in buoyancy. If the egg is more dense then the water (or whatever liquid it is in), it will sink.

Will an egg float or sink in coke?

No, it will float in vinegar or salt though. Coke is not dense enough to make an egg float.

An egg will sink in fresh water and will float in salt water will the density of the egg make it float or sink in fresh water?

viscosity of saline water is higher than that of pure water

Does an egg float or sink?

It depends on the freshness of an egg.

What happens when you put a egg in water?

the egg will sink. ----

When an Egg is in water it does what?

If it is a fresh egg it will sink. If it is a bad egg it will float.

Why does a bad egg sink?

Bad eggs don't sink they float.

Why does an egg sink in tap water?

But it stays afloat if the egg is cooked!

How do you determine the freshness of an egg?

A fresh egg will sink in water while an older egg will float.

Will an egg float or sink in vinegar?


Does an egg sink or float in gasoline?

it floats

When the salt dissolves does the egg sink?


Can an egg float or sink in fresh water?

In fresh water a good egg will sink. If you put an uncooked egg in water and it floats, throw it away. A boiled egg will float, and in a strong concentration of salt water, an egg will float.

Why does an egg sink in salt water?

yes an egg floats in salt water

Will an egg float or sink in a glass of water?

yes because the downward forces on the egg is greater than the upward forces therefore making it to sink

Will an egg sink or float in rubbing alcohol?

yes the egg will float by, christopher soria

Why does egg sink in water?

The density of a fresh egg is higher than the density of water.

Why does an egg sink in a jar of water?

Because the egg is fresh. If it floats, means its not fresh.

Are narwhals born alive or in eggs?

born alive not an egg..... a egg would sink

How many teaspoons of vinegar does it take to make an egg to float?

The density of the average egg will be slightly greater than water, so it will sink. To make the egg float, make the water more dense by adding salt. For one cup of water, adding three tablespoons of salt should be about enough to make the egg float.

What is the hypothesis of egg will float water or salt?


Why does an egg sink in fresh water?


Does an egg float or sink in corn syrup?