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You need to find an interior that is like if your underwater.

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yes you can make up a star code and a doll code for american girl

You get star dollars on star doll by playing games...

You need to get a doll to find the star code and doll code.

that is very easy !!! you need to get more starpoints to!!!

nothing. it is not a law to have a doll star you know.

the star code to saig the americangirl doll

it's the codes that come with your doll

Caroline doesn't have a star code or/and a doll code since she is a historical doll

You have to buy a doll to get a star code

I have doll codes just not star codes I need a star code hear are some doll codes pf-w0685 pf-w0687 pf-g1992

a star code is: 4567 a doll code is:56

in the 70's or early 80's there was a doll called star that was sold with a paper record she was blond and had curly hair and her band was sold separate

You get a star code when you buy a new American Girl Doll "Just Like You Doll". Then you can play the game on the American Girl Doll website.

You can't just "make up" a doll code. Doll code's have to be paid for. You can not just make one up. But you can make up an American doll. Stardoll knows your country when you join so your country will already be on your page when you join, but you can change your country. Click on 'My Account' and you can change your country to USA there.

She has a doll, but no account.

On stardoll, you can buy clothes and furniture with star coins instead of superstar star dollars. Basics has a ton of clothes for low prices that you can pair with interesting things from the star plaza. There's a ton on star doll!

It can be really hard, but what i do is i make my doll really big, then put the wings over my doll, the wings have to go big to fit on your doll, and then they should go on. It takes a few trys to get it right!

McKenna does not have a star code or doll code, only American girl doll just like yours have a star code though you can buy some on Amazon or eBay.

You have to buy an 'American girl inner star u' doll to get the star code and doll code.

No, you have to buy an American girl to get any star and doll codes. Sorry :(

After you make your me doll, there are a bunch of things you can do.First, you can style your doll by shopping at the star plaza and buying a bunch of clothes from your free star coins. On your first day you are rewarded 500 star coins, and on your second day you are given 500 more star coins and 20 star dollars.You can also decorate your suite to your own personal flair! You can buy furniture, color your walls, or give gifts to friends.You can also attend parties on star doll. You can create fun parties and invite friends or attend other people's parties where people from all around the world attend. You can make friends and chat with them regularly.You can create a presentation underneath your suite. You can copy and paste something from pages or microsoft word office.There's a ton you can do on star doll! Also, comment on other people's guestbook.You can also create movies, books, scenery, or a personal album!

you click on your star coins and it tells you how to get some

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