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Go to the picture that you want to link to another page and double click on the hand. Then where it says "Or Choose An Album Or Page" pick the page from the drop-down menu click "ok" and there you have it!

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โˆ™ 2007-07-13 18:17:09
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Q: How do you make another piczo page from clicking on a picture?
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How do you make a picture round in PowerPoint?

You can make a picture round by clicking on it. The picture tools appear which can make it round.

Where can you make piczo backgrounds?

Absolutely anywhere! You can make cool patterns in any photo editing programme, even MS PAINT! You can even make a picture a background, however, if the picture is too small, piczo may stretch it or duplicate it again and again, but i shall tell you how to make a picture a background anyway. # First, you upload your image (you can do this by html, with the image tag and image URL, OR you can do it simply, by using the 'PICTURE' tool, provided by piczo). # Then, click the PENCIL in the options of the image. # Then check the box that says 'Make this the background' or something like that! done!

How do you make piczo layouts?

Piczo layouts are normal layouts, so if you know how to make layouts then you know how to make piczo layouts. -simplym / Mhelper

Is piczo a website?

A: Yes. Piczo is a website that allows you to make your own websites. The sites that you make, are free!

How do you make a link for piczo?

By these following Tags on body section:- <A HREF = "" > piczo </A>

How do you make a piczo site?

Don't even go on go straight to that is the best piczo site!

How can you make Piczo layouts on GIMP?

______________________________________ == == -simplym

Can you make a new website on piczo?

Yes you can.

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Is piczo for adults?

Well, you can make your piczo how ever you like, what ever colour style, etc its 100% up to ,you any age

Where do you sign up for under 13 piczo?

You can sign up but your parents have to agree. They get an e-mail from piczo and they have to let you make one.

How do you make a sister or brother on babydow?

Plant another seed, by clicking on the garden page.

How do you make Piczo site under construction?

first log into piczo, then click on "organize", now on your site it says the world password protected, blah xD click it to private, then type in your piczo password then it should be under construction! xD

How do you get smiley face icons?

well what you do is find a picture mainly on piczo and then save it to your pictures then go on your emotions on msn and at the side it should say make your own emotion browse press that it should take you to your pictures pick the picture and make up a name ofr it press done thanks if helped

Why cant you make a piczo?

you can just go to and sign up

How do you delete people off your friends list on a piczo site?

On your Piczo site you can delete a friends link under 'your friend's sites' using these steps: first, Log in Secondly, make sure your on page editor by clicking on it at the top. Thirdly, click 'member hub' at the top of the page. Fourthly, click on 'my friends', under the title 'My Piczo Friends' Finally, click remove next to the site you no longer want connected to yours. hope u find this useful, Georgie, 14

How do you let everybody see your piczo website not just your friends?

Make it public

Is Piczo girly?

from what I've heard you can make it your own so no, its for girls and boys!

What birds make clicking noises a?

Some hummingbirds make a clicking sound.

Does a rooster make clicking noises with his beak?

Does a rooster make clicking noises with his beak?

How do you make a piczo?

Go to Click on join (dont worry its free) and get started

How do you make your own layout to put on your piczo site?

I don't know!!! If i did i wouldn't be asking it.

What is a manip?

A manip is when you take one picture and "morph" it with another one to make it look like it is one original picture

How do you make a bunny picture on msn?

(\_/) (="=) (")_(") That is one way ()_() (=_=) (")_(") that's another<333

How do you make your piczo cool?

you work hard and be creative, it took me a month to make this