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Q: How do you make babies with the little aliens?
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Can the aliens make babies?


How do you make babies with gooey aliens?

Make out with an alien!

How do scardox aliens die?

they dont they are just plastic aliens but u can make babies with them

How do the scardox aliens have babies?

Scardox aliens are toys. If you want your Scardox aliens to have babies, you have to buy them.

How do you make scardox aliens have babies?

the aliens die if you put them in the freezer wait until alien ready then push babies out

How do aliens get babies?

There are no aliens.

How do you make aliens from the planet scardox have babies in a few minutes?

i dont no

Does little alien babies and big aliens make a baby?

I am sure they don''t, I tried it once and it did not work. If you wait until the baby is older it might work.

Do aliens in goo have babies?

The few aliens that NASA has found out about, are plants, plants do not have babies.

When the scardox aliens have babies what do the babies eat?

i think that must be the gue i am tring to get my alien to have babies All aliens eat the gue

Are babies aliens?


Can a baby aliens and a adult aliens have babies?

it depends try it.

How can aliens have babies?


Can egg aliens have babies without goo?

Alien egg babies cant have babies anyway.

How can you have alien babies on sim2 psp?

To have aliens both the parents have to be aliens Both parents have to be aliens for this to happen. But it rarely happens.

How do you make the babie aliens come out?

pop it out the head and theres your ba ba (im rich with alien babies $_$)

How do you make your baby gooey aliens have babies?

put them in the same pod for 5,6 days then you lady should be pregnant !

Can scardox aliens have babies?


Can toy aliens have babies?


Do toy aliens have babies?


Can elite scardox aliens have babies?


When was Ten Little Aliens created?

Ten Little Aliens was created in 2002.

How does the alien have its baby?

aliens don't have babies i really know that a alien cant have a baby. All i want to do when i grow up is study the stars but i know aliens cant have babies because i already study aliens and the stars.

How do you make jelly aliens have babies?

You so called have to rub a girl and a boy aliens backs together where the smooth bit is and t takes a day or something for them to be inpregnated. You have to check though when you buy then which genders you get because they both have their parts. Hope this helps :) Only some aliens have babies, Gold and Black. All the rest only get breaded. They can have it by themselves if you want.

Can 2 boy aliens have babies?