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I took the service of following site. it worked. but they have some conditions. you can visit it for details.

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Can a boy hamster have a baby?

No. It is not even physically possible for a boy hamster to have a baby. You could try to make it have a baby with another boy hamster but the two would just fight, not mate. There is no possible way to make a boy hamster have a baby.

How old is a boy duck when he can make baby?

Duck make baby at 6 p.m.

How can you make a baby boy?

People have babies by having sex. They cannot really cause themselves to have a boy or girl at will; it is a random process. So, while you can make a baby, you are not going to know when you make that baby, whether it is a boy or a girl. You will find out in due course.

Can a young boy make a baby?

Whether a young boy can make a bay depends on how young the boy is. If he has not gone through puberty and his "systems" are not fully matured then he cannot make a baby. If he is well along into puberty he may be able to do that..

What is a baby boy?

A baby boy is a male baby.

Is there a way to make a baby boy or a baby girl more likely in sims 3?

Baby Boy - Pregnant Sim eat Apples Baby Girl - Pregnant Sim eat Watermelons.

What episode of Little House on the Prairie did Mary loose her baby boy in fire?

The Little House On the Prairie episode where Mary loses her baby boy is called 'May We Make Them Proud.

How do you make your baby hold on while standing on my baby boy?

make her happy feed her change her and bathe her then it'll work

Can having a baby make a boy fall in love with you?

To whom it may concern ; No, having a baby can not make a boy fall in love with you. Love should happen between the two people before a baby is even a thought.

Can a 13 year old boy make baby?

Of course

Does lavender soap make baby boy have breasts?

Of course not!

Does baby boy this is the way you live have cussing in it?

You make no sense.

Can two boy tamagotchis have a baby?

No..... As a girl and a boy can only make one and that counts for girls to.

Can a 14-year-old boy make a baby?

Yes, A 14 year old boy can make a baby. As long as he is able to produce sperm, which he should be, the answer is yes.

What to parts does a boy and a girl have that makes a baby?

The "two" parts that a boy and a girl have that make a baby are -boy- penis and sperm, and girl- vagina, uterus and eggs. Now that ya careful!!

How do genes produce their effect?

its when a girl and a boy have sex and they make a baby

Will her baby be a girl or a boy?

baby boy or girl

What song contains lyrics you wore blue for our baby boy?

its cowld baby baby baby boy

Who sings Ya no Llores?

Baby Boy Baby Boy

How do you make baby girl?

you make a baby girl by marrying a guy if your a girl then u have a boy our a girl but to have a girl i don't now it jest happens

Does a baby girl or boy make you sicker while pregnant?

it doesnt matter

The cells lining the air sacs in the lungs make up a?

baby boy

How do you have a baby girl and not a boy?

to make a girl, when the penis is inside you he has togo slow.

What did Jody request of Yvette in the movie Baby Boy after they fight and make up?

to make some tacos

What do you need to have a baby on meez?

go to the search bar at the right hand side of the screen and then put in baby girl, baby girl with boy, baby boy with girl, or baby boy

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