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How do you make commands for your place on roblox?


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One of the most popular admin commands script is "Person229's admin commands". You can find these commands on the free models. There are also numerous other VIP command scripts available on the free models which you can use.

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Well if you mean ROBLOX company admin, like Telamon or Keith, you can't just become one. If you mean like admin commands then you add an admin commands script into your place and say some of the commands it comes with.

Admin commands? There are many in free models.

It depends where you are in the game! If you are in someone else's game, You would need to buy the shirt or ask the owner to make you admin, If you are in your place, You would need to open roblox studio and put in admin commands script -CaptianC3 (Roblox)

There is no way to make another user an admin on the Roblox website. However, you can give a user admin-like powers within your place using an admin commands script. Check out the related questions below for instructions on how to use an admin commands script.

To ban someone from your place you must have an admin commands script. you put there name in the the Banned list. Or just simply get the banned from roblox lol

Well, that all depends on the game. Some people on Roblox make commands in their games. You just have to type a command, if there is commands in the game. Ask the owner of the game for the command list.

U make a roblox with cheeze

By default when you make a place it is searchable on Roblox. However, if you have multiple places that are inactive, or you accidentally set your place to inactive, it will not be searchable. To fix this go to "My Roblox"/places, and click "make this place active" on your place.

You don't make it, ROBLOX makes it itself, then you can build on it.

First open the place you want commands in in the Roblox studio. Open the insert window and go to free models. Search for "admin commands" and insert them into your place. Open the script up by finding it in the object explorer. At the top there should be a list of names, add your's to it (or delete all the names and add only yours).

Majority of users will agree that the best robot admin commands to use are the Person299 Admin commands. The reason is Person299 admin commands have the most to utilize in roblox.

you go to my roblox, places, then scroll to which place you want to make inactive, and click " make inactive"

With a little knowledge of how to script, you can add your own commands to a VIP commands script. If you don't know how to script, you can learn by following the tutorials on the Roblox wiki. There are also numerous fan-created tutorials on the Internet which you can find by searching Google for "Roblox Scripting Lessons".

Go to menu then look for "Roblox Studio". Click roblox studio then find the toolbox. Click that and you can make and insert models into your place.

First open your place in the Roblox studio. Then open the insert window and go to free models. Search for "admin commands" and insert one, then edit the script to have your name (and anyone else you want to be admin) in the admins list.

Only possible without a bunch of safety. Otherwise just say "commands" to find out the commands

You can make your place smaller by building it smaller. There's not much to it.

you need to make it have 1000 visits

Making your own admin commands takes a lot of scripting, it is much easier to just insert a script from the free models. One popular admin commands script is Person229's admin commands. You can find these commands on the free models and then modify them to work for you.

Go to all Programs,roblox,roblox studio,Clio new at the top of the page and make the place

there has to be a open contest then it will ask you to make a place to enter it in and there you go a second place

To build a level on Roblox first click your computer's start menu>programs>Roblox studio. When opened select File>new place. You are now ready to build a place on Roblox. You can find helpful tutorials on how to actually build your place on the Roblox wiki.

Well, you gotta get the commands on Roblox Studio 13 (Or the updated) and get the commands. You can search them on the toolbox section on "models". I do not have one at this moment but I am trying to find one.

Admin commands vary with the different scripts. Usually, there is an instruction manual in the script. Refer to this when using the commands.

Just take BCGames admin command script or Person299's whatever there both awesome.

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