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There is a little button in Roblox Studio on the top bar that looks like a clock. Press it, and a gui will pop up. Drag the slider to make it day or night.

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Q: How do you make day and night on roblox?
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How do you make a day night and ambient changing script on roblox?

These scripts work by changing the time of day and ambient values in the lighting. For information on learning to script on Roblox you may want to check out the Roblox Wiki. There are also tutorials available on the Internet, which you can find by searching for "Roblox Scripting Lessons" on Google.

How do you change your level to day or night roblox?

In Roblox Studio, there is a little clock button on the top bar. Click it, and a gui will pop up. You cat adjust the time with the slider.

When is Roblox Day?

ROBLOX Day is July 7th July 7th 2005 was the First Celebrated ROBLOX Day it repeats yearly ROBLOX Eve is July 6th July 6th 2005 was the First ROBLOX Eve

How do you make a roblox?

U make a roblox with cheeze

How do you make it night in your place on roblox?

To make your place look like night first open your place in roblox studio (edit or build mode work) then find the part in it called Lighting and from there you can edit the configuration settings in it to make it look like night. to make it night just edit the setting called TimeOfDay in the lighting's settings to the required time you want. hope this helps if not just send me a message (no spamming tho)

What is a one day ban on roblox?

On Roblox, a one day ban means that you will not be able to use the Roblox website for one day. This usually occurs when a player is being mean or breaking rules on Roblox.

How does earth make day and night?


How do you make the sky move in Roblox?

you can get a minecraft mod or texture pack to change the colour of the sky, you can get these off the minecraft mods website

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How to make a Roblox game?

you can check my youtube channel for tutriols for roblox games :)

Do you get tix each day on roblox?

You get 10 tix a day.

What is Get drawn on Roblox?

make someone draw you on roblox like a drawing