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Q: How do you make debentures more famous?
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How do you make debentures more popular.?

the companies that have issued debentures in recent years.give suggestions to make debentures more popular?

How do you make the debenture more popular?

the companies that have issued debentures in recent years.give suggestions to make debentures more popular?

What are the risk relating to the debentures?

What are the risk relating to th debentures?

What is optionally fully convertible debentures?

These are the Debentures which are Convertible Fully at the option of the Investor.

How is interest paid on debentures is shown in Financial statments?

interest paid for debentures is a/an

Which Indian companies have recently issued debentures?

recently which industry/company had issued its debentures

Discount on issue of debentures is a?

capital loss to be written off over the tenure of the debentures .

What is the nature of interest on debentures?

The debentures of a company are a movable property, transferable in the manner provided by the Articles.

What is a debenture?

Debentures function more or less like bonds. One can also term debentures as a variant of bonds. Debentures are issued by a company which offers to pay interest in lieu of the money borrowed for a pre-specified period. In essence, it represents a loan taken by the issuer who pays an agreed rate of interest throughout the life of the instrument and repays the principal normally, unless otherwise agreed, on maturity. Bonds on the other hand are more secured than debenture. As a debenture holder, you provide unsecured loan (most of the times debentures are unsecured in nature) to the company. Debentures carry a higher rate of interest as the company does not offer any collateral to you for your money. For this reason bond holders receive a lower rate of interest but are more secure in nature.

What are Redeemable debentures?

Redeemable debentures are those securities which are to be repaid within a stipulated period / maturity period. For instance, X co issued 9% 7 years $ 1000 Debentures. This issue of debentures has coupon rate of 9% per year and redeemable period of 7 years. The amount raised by issuing thses debentures are to be repaid within 7 years from now.

What famous author helped to make the typewriter more famous?

this dick

What is the difference between bearer debentures and convertible notes?

Differentiate between a bearer debentures and convertible notes

Which companies issued debentures recently in Pakistan?

Recently Engro Pakistan sold debentures to general public!

What are registered debentures?

Certain debentures are made out in the names of the particular persons whose names appear in the register of debenture holders. Such debentures which appear in this register are known as "Registered Debentures". They are transferable in the same way as shares. Interest as well as the debenture amount in these cases is payable only to the registered holders.

What is debenture explain in simple term?

Debentures refers to discharging the liability on account of debentures in accordance with the terms of issue.

Is interest received on debentures to be included in estimating national income?

yes interest on debentures is to be included in national income, this is as debentures are used fro production purposes and hence income received due to it is a part of factor income

When debentures are issued at a discount it is prudent to write off the discount?

when debentures are issued at discount, it is prudent to write off the discount

When debentures are issued at discount it is prudent to write off the discount?

when debentures are issued at discount, it is prudent to write off the discount

Can company issue debenture with pari passu clause?

YES, a company can issue its debentures with a pari passu clause when they are issued in series. This implies that the debentures shall be paid proportionately. This assumes an added advantage when the company is short of cash & does not have the amount to make payment for debentures.In such case, all the debentures held by a creditor of the company ranked equal as regard charge and repayment with the others of that series. However, a company cannot give this right tto its new debentureholder of its old debentures unless it is expressly authorised to do so.

Examine Debenture can be redeemed only out of capital?

No Debentures can not be redeemed out of capital only. Gov of India and SEBI has indirectly placed restrictions on redemption of debentures. Now it is compulsory to create Debenture Redemption Reserve at-least 50% of the debentures issued.

What is meant by unsecured non convertible debentures?

these are those debentures which are not charge against any asset and cannot be converted into equity shares

What is the journal entry for redemption of debentures which were issued at discount?

debit redemption of debentures accountcredit cash / bank

Do most of the people invest in debentures or shares?

because it is a safer option and gives you more options and you can save alot of money. :)

What is the difference between debentures and a bank loan?

Both debentures and bank loans are debt liability of a company which need to be repaid by the company. Generally the debentures issued by a company are secured and where the debentures are issued without any security in favour of the debenture holder, such debentures are deemed as 'deposits' for which the company has to comply the provisions of Sec. 58A of the Companies Act, 1956. Bank Loans can also be secured as well as unsecured but the applicability of the explanation of deposits do not extend to loans whether secured or unsecured.

Companies issued debentures in recent year?

1) Muthoot Finances announced the issue of Non-convertible Debentures for Rs 150 cr. 2) Reliance capital issued Rs 500 cr Non-convertible debentures. 3) Shriram Transport Finances announced the launch of its second secured redeemable non-convertible debentures issue to raise Rs 500 cr. 4) Tata Global Beverages said it raised Rs 325 cr in private placement of debentures.