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Just be yourself, and don't act weird or nerdy. Girls like men that have positive personalities.

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Q: How do you make girls attracted to you?
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You like checking out girls does that make you a lesbian?

If you are sexually attracted to the girls you like checking out, but you are not sexually attracted (or attracted in general) to guys, then yes, you are a lesbian.

How do girls get attracted by a boy?

Girls get attracted by your appearance and your personality

Why girls attracted to lesbian?

Only lesbian girls are attracted to lesbians. Straight girls are not.

Are girls attracted to boys as much as boy are attracted girls?

Sometimes they are, but sometimes boys are more attracted, sometimes girls are more attracted. It all depends to be honest

How does girls get attracted to girls?

if they are lesbian it's natural if you want to be attracted to girls.. then you're bi curious, girls that are attracted to girls usually are just okay with both genders or just girls.

If you are a girl and attracted to girls are you gay?

your a lesbian if your a girl and attracted to girls

Why are girls attracted to boys?

For starters, that is normal. That is how girls were created. Since the main purpose for sex is to create new people, nature has to have a way to draw men and women together and make them want to have sex together. To girls who are attracted to boys, boys are sexy. There are also lesbian girls who are attracted to other girls, and there are girls who are not sexually nor romantically attracted to anyone. Those are all variations of the human experience.

What does it mean to be a heterosexual?

It means attracted to members of the opposite sex. Boys attracted to girls, girls attracted to boys.

How do you make boys attracted to girls?

By being yourself ;) Talk to them so they know who you are.

Why does a metal gets attracted to a magnet?

why are you attracted to girls?

Are lesbians attracted to butch or girly lesbians?

It depends on the person entirely. Some are attracted to masculine-looking girls and some are attracted to feminine-looking girls and/or girls in between. One can be a butch lesbian and be attracted to other butch girls or feminine-looking girls and vice-versa.

Sexually attracted to girls but not physically attracted What is this Girls orientation?

well?Anyone want to help me?

Are girls attracted to men?

Young girls are definitely attracted to older men but it is completely wrong for an older man to be attracted to a young girl.

Girls attracted by girls are lesbian whats the term for guy attracted to another guy?

That would be "Gay".

Why are good girls attracted to bad boys?

because it's a great challenge for girls especially when you got them and make them to be a good boy.

Are girls attracted to nice cars?

most girls are

Do girls get attracted towards ugly guys?

Who knows? Maybe but a lot of girls are attracted to good looking men.

Are girls attracted to boys as much as boys are attracted to girls?

well heart wants what it wants. see ya

Are girls attracted to muscular men?

some girls are attracted to muscular men...BUT some girls don't care if they are muscular..hope that answers your question

Do girls get attracted by penis?

Not if they are sane, they are normally attracted by stunning looks :)

Why are girls attracted to dudes?

because the ones that are attracted to dudes are not lesbians.

How do girls get attracted to you?

Girls are usually attracted towards the personality, style and body of the boy. If the boy have sound personality and strong body then there is a fair chance that girl will get attracted.

Why Mexicans feel attracted to Arab girls or Asian girls?

There is no answer. Some people are just attracted to some types of people.

Why do gay girls like girls butts?

Because they are attracted to girls and not boys

Why are boys attracted by girls?

they are pretty