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The easiest way is to purchase a Headlight Lens Restoration Kit by 3M. They are available at AutoZone and (~$20) The Kit contains basically all the tools needed to restore the headlight lens and you use it with your household drill. The results you will get are amazing!

The cheap way is to mix tooth paste with glass cleaner.

You'll be surprise.

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Q: How do you make headlight lenses clear again after yellowing from the sun?
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Chevrolet Colorado Clear corner for bumper lenses and headlight lenses were can i get them?

The dealer, EBAY, do a google search..... they are used for roads

How do you find euro clears for dodge spirit?

There are clear turn signal lenses available from a Chrysler LeBaron and the PLymouth Acclaim of the same vintage. The lenses integrated into the bumper are fully clear unlike the Spirit amber color. The turn signal lenses next to the headlight are clear with just the side reflectors being amber.

How do you clear up PLASTIC smoked headlight lenses?

if its on the out side in most cases it is they sell a cleaning kit at the parts store that works good

Can you change just the lenses on the headlights of a 98 Mercury Sable?

The headlight assembly can be changed, but not just the actual clear lens on the front. See "Related Questions" below for how to remove the headlight assembly, and also how to clean them

How do you clean front headlight coveras it relates to a vw 2001 passat?

Your local auto parts store should have a kit available to restore the clear plastic lenses over your headlamps.

How can you stop pine from yellowing?

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Who makes clear comfort contact lenses?

Sauflon Pharmaceuticals makes Clear Comfort contact lenses. They also provide many other types of contact lenses, and a variety of other eye care items.

What is the reason for car makers changing indicator lenses to clear and not amber?

Cost. Far cheaper to manufacture clear lenses than to make colored ones.

What are contact lenses made of?

contact lenses are made plastics. Contact lenses are made of thin, clear, curved plastics, specifically polymers.

How do you best polish hazing and yellowing off the surface of a vehicle with plastic headlight lenses?

first you wet sand the headlights with 1500 sandpaper until the are real smooth,then you buff them with 3m etc, rough compound using a wool buf pad on a bufing grinder un till clear,be carefull not to heat the headlights up go slow.when done thease will loook like new. best of luck.

What did the Romans discover as they experiment with different shapes of clear lenses?

Romans experimented with different shapes of clear glass lenses. This experimentation accidentally resulted in the creation of the magnifying glass.

How do glasses and contact lenses work?

Glasses lenses and contact lenses direct light to hit directly on your retina as a single point. That is what makes a clear image.

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