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blackmail and/or the threat of physical violence.

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How do you make him ask me out?

ask him out.

How do you make your crush ask you out again?

There's no way to make someone ask you out; however, you can ask them out yourself.

Can the president ask the congress to make a law?

Can the President ask the congress to make a law?

How do you make girls to ask you out first?

You can't make them ask you out first unless you ask them, but be genuine and don't try too hard!

What do you say to get a boy to ask you out?

Why wait for him to ask you? Just ask him out. You cant make anyone ask you out. If you know he likes you, ask him, this is a new century. Make sure you are allowed to go on dates, with your parents.

Is this too much to ask for Christmas?

If you do not ask, you will not get. If you ask, at least you will make your wishes known. The fact that you ask does not mean you will get. It simply means you will make your wishes known. Sometimes wishes are granted but postponed.

How do you ask someone if you want to go and make out?

You go and ask him about whether you want to have make out or not. This is very easy to do just go to him and ask this question. You will get your reply instantly.

How do you make a guy ask you out?

what you have to do is you have to be your self. Because the guy wont know the real you . Also you have to try to find out what he likes in a girl do that you know But you can never make a guy ask you out you have to ask him your self because some guys are to chicken to ask you out but us girls are Strong enugh to ask them. So there is really no way to make a guy ask you out!!

How do you get him to make a move?

Ask him to

How do you make out with your bf?

You ask him out!!

How do you make your mom make you dinner?

Ask ;D

How do you make Hershey's Kisses?

you ask the people who make it.

How can you make a 12 year old boy ask you out?

If he likes you he will probably ask you out without anyone needing to 'make' him.

What does ask mean?

To ask means to make an enquiry, to seek information.

What questions should you ask your doctor?

You could ask how bad it is or ask about what could i do to make myself better

How can you drop hints to make him ask you to your prom and through text?

Try bringing up prom into your conversations. Try to ask him if he has a date.... if not imply that you want him to ask you but make it subtle!

How do you make pie grafs?

ask a math teacher ask a math teacher

How to make a origami boat?

go to ask jeeves/ ask jeeves for kids

How do you ask a friend to do something?

Blurt it out and ask them.

How do you make a soda can?

ask your docter

How do you make a girl fart on you?

ask her

How do you make a sentence with answer?

You ask with a ? Mark

How do i make out with someone?

ask them out or something

Can you make a sentence using the word ask?

Could you please ask a question on WikiAnswers

Should you ask out a guy or wait for him to make the first move?

Ask him out, guys like that.