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Legally - you can't ! Only approved equipment can be used to boost radio waves - because you could interfere with a legitimate users communications if you attempt to make one yourself ! People have been prosecuted in a court of law for interfering with radio-communications, and the penalties are severe !

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Q: How do you make home made signal booster for broadband?
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First of all, you need to buy your laptop a wireless internet card. any will do.. as long as it's made for laptops.. Once you do that, you need to get a broadband connection.. if the broadband connection you get already comes with a modem wich casts a wireless signal, you're good to go, all you would need to do is install the wireless card in you pc. If your broadband modem does not cast a wireless signal THEN you would need to buy a router wich casts a wireless signal and connect the router to your broadband modem. And that's it

Will putting an antenna booster on my antenna actually help or not?

Claims made by antenna booster manufacturers are often exaggerated. With that said though; studies have shown that antenna boosters will help to increase signal strength somewhat.

How is it possible to boost a wifi signal?

There are many ways to boost wifi signal. Try hanging a router from the wall or placing in the center of the room. You could also try investing in an antennae. I bought a signal booster from and it made my wi-fi catch full signals. What it basically does is that its powerful antenna catches signal and passes it to phone booster which amplifies it.

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The top rated signal boosters for cell phones on Amazon are all made by Wilson electronics. The top rated cell phone signal booster by Wilson electronics is the DB pro by Wilson electronics. Wilson also makes a sleek cell phone booster which is also rated in the top three along with the Wilson electronics mobile wireless.

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Almost any laptop made recently has broadband capability.

How do you setup wireless on PS3?

First you need a WiFi router or modem with a cable or DSL broadband internet Service. The PS3 will search for the signal and you can then allow the connection to be made. You do this from your setting menu > Network Connections.

What new networking technology has made multimedia experiences more common?

Broadband internet

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How to deal with the dropped calls problem?

To deal with dropped calls problem: Purchase a signal booster or Wi-Fi calling device to improve network coverage and stability. Contact your service provider to check for any network issues or to reset your connection. Avoid areas with weak signal strength or areas that might interrupt the signal, such as elevators or underground locations.