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Take warm milk add litle yogurt to 1 litre of milk u can add 1 table spoon yogurt use the hand blender and keep it in warm place to set, takes about 4 to 5 hrs to set for added flavour add 2 tsp sugar a pinch of salt

When u suse the home made yogurt keep a little aside as starter for the next batch of yogurt

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Can you use nonfat yogurt to make homemade frozen yogurt?

Of course! sure You can use any type of yogurt you want. Nonfat yogurt would even make it more healthy! Good job! :)

How long does a homemade yogurt smoothie keep for?


How do you make a homemade smoothie?

add: ice, yogurt, what ever fruit you want your smoothie to be, and sugar then blend

What is the yellowish liquid on top of homemade yogurt?


Can homemade yogurt be made without a starter culture?

When making homemade yogurt one needs to have either freeze dried starter culture or a container of plain yogurt with active yogurt culture. Once an individual makes a first batch of yogurt, a small part of it can then be used to start the next batch.

Does using gelatin in homemade ice cream really make it softer?

nope, it makes it more like frozen yogurt

How long does cooked polenta last?

by eating my nans homemade yogurt

Is yogurt a good bacteria?

yogurt is not a bacteria, but bacterias make yogurt

How do you make a homemade crossbow?

Homemade crossbow

Is fungi use to make yogurt?

no bacteria are used to make yogurt

How can you make drinkable yogurt?

but yogurt in a blender ...

Is ice cream good for you?

Frozen yogurt is healthier, but small portions of homemade ice cream is exceptional.

When making homemade yogurt how many hours is it safe to have the batch thickening before it needs to be refrigerated?


How do you make a homemade confetti shooter?

how to make a homemade confettie shooter blower

How do you make yogurt on alchemy?

Milk + Bacteria = Yogurt

What does bacteria in yogurt do?

Bacteria make the yogurt sour.

Does yogurt make you fat?

Fat free yogurt does not.

What place does yogurt come from?

Yogurt doesn't come from anywhere. You can make it anywhere with the right ingredients.

What food do people in Albania eat?

feta cheese, homemade yogurt, and home baked beard and lamb meat

What kinds of food they eat Albania?

feta cheese, homemade yogurt, and home baked beard and lamb meat

Can we make homemade bacteria?

yes,mold is a homemade bacteria

Can you make your own yogurt?

Yes, but you have to start with a yogurt culture

What is harmful about eubacteria?

No, You eat it such as yogurt. It is used to make yogurt

How do you make powdered yogurt?

di-hydrate regular yogurt

What type of yogurt do you use when you make a smoothie?

greek yogurt