Yogurt is a thickened dairy product, which is made by culturing milk with certain bacterias.

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Is oxygen needed to make yogurt?

Yes, oxygen as well as heat are necessary in the making of yogurt.

Acids and Bases

Is yogurt a base or acid?

PLAIN yogurt with no fruit, sugar, or sweetener added has a pH of around 4. So it is a little acidic BUT the way it processes in your body, because of the live cultures, it changes pH during digestion (ONLY PLAIN YOGURT) - kind of like lemon or RAW apple cider vinegar. I always add fresh lemon juice to anything questionable - water, white/green tea, yogurt. Lemon is a fruit you can combine with all other foods. Don't forget you should eat alkaline fruit by itself, with nothing else (other than other fruits) b/c acidity increases if you mix fruit w/ carbs, fats, and even alkaline vegetables during digestion.


Why is Stonyfield Farm yogurt so viscous?

The thickness of yogurt is largely due to moisture; most recipes call for straining the yogurt in a cloth to remove excess water which makes it more viscous. It may be that Stonyfield Farm makes their yogurt with less water than most. Powdered milk can also be used thicken yogurt.


Is yogurt or milk better for growth?


What attract teenagers to but yogurt?

well its like a male excretory out of the sex organ penis. so they buy it eat it.

Food & Cooking

What makes color red in strawberry yogart?



Is yogurt vegetarian?

The ones that do not contain gelatin are vegetarian.


Why is yogurt so gross?

That's your opinion.

Grocery Shopping

What is the healthiest yogurt to buy?

What is the healthiest yogurt to buy

English to Spanish

How do you say strawberry yogurt in Spanish?

yogur de fresa


Are rabbit yogurt chips good for rabbits?

No. Although they are vitamin fortified, they have far too much fat, about 15% crude fat minimum on average. These are in the chips specifically designed for rabbits found in pet stores.

Rabbits should eat mostly hay. They should also eat certain fresh greens every day, and some good quality, healthy pellets. Treats should be very limited. Although many rabbits enjoy these, it is much better to offer certain fresh fruits.

Dieting and Weight Loss
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How many Weight Watchers points in Chobani Greek yogurt?

4 weight watchers plus


Why is yogurt thicker than milk?

Bacteria has got in in to it and has curdled it.


Does taking natural organic bio yogurt worsen arthritic conditions?

AnswerI don't think so, i have heard that dairy products are good to take when you have arthritis, so Organic bio yogurt might help. Also, you can try using cherries to ease the pain of arthritis, as cherries contain anthocyanins; and many have reported a dramatic improvement. See the related links. AnswerThere is no medically-proven relationship between bio yogurt intake and arthritis. These useful microorganisms tend to stay in the digestive tract and are usually excreted together with body wastes. If you have problems with arthritis, the best way to find relief is through health massage therapy together with essential oils for a soothing beneficial effects. Some health massage therapists also used herbs to effectively relieve arthritis pain. AnswerSomething like this can come under the heading of the placebo effect, if you believe it worsens your Arthritis then you may experience physical pain. Many of the suggestions will work if you believe them to help, rubbing bog standard 19p lard over the painful areas will stimulate a response. I won't disregard the effects of alternative medicine, but it's like a prayer- only works if you believe it will.

Is yogurt a compound?

NO! Yogurt is a food, which is made from ingrediants.


How long does it take to make yogurt?

When I made yogurt at home from milk (and half a spoon of old yogurt),

it took less than 24 hours, usually it set overnight. I think it depends on

the "starter" yogurt. When you start with store-bought yogurt, it's sometimes

hit and miss but once you have your lot going with no fake additives, it

sets overnight without a problem.

It will set within 3-5 hours if kept at a constant 43 Celsius or 110 Fahrenheit, and the milk is boiled and then cooled to 45C or 110F before you mix the seed yogurt, if you don't cool it before you mix you will kill the fermenting bacteria, if you don't boil then the milk molecules make it harder for the fermenting bacteria to ferment the milk. Also when you boil milk careful with the espresso foaming of the milk because it will spill and extinguish the flame of the gas, this will fill your room with explosive gas if left unattended.

Here is the routine:

Get the seed yogurt to warm up to room temp, 1 Cup.

Take 1 gallon of milk and boil it, then let it come back down in temperature to 110 F or 45 C.

Mix the seed and the milk for 20 seconds, and then seal the mixture in an air tight container.

Let the mix set for 3-5 hours at constant temp, if you don't have any means of constant temperature then it will take 5-8 hours, if left at low room temp then it might take 24 or it may never ferment.


Why Egyptian used yogurt in paints?

They didn't and I can not imagine why you think they did. Yoghurt was completely unknown in ancient Egypt.

Paints were made by mixing natural mineral pigments such as chalk, ochre, arsenic sulphate, haematite, malachite, copper silicate, cobalt salts or charcoal with water and egg-white, sometimes adding gum Arabic (tree sap) or beeswax as a thickener and binder.

Yoghurt was never an element in Egyptian art.

Tamil Language and Culture

What is the meaning of Yogurt in Tamil Language?

The meaning of Yoghurt in Tamil is Thayir or Curd with 0% Fat made from skimmed powder.


Yogurt-like product from Iceland?

In Iceland they serve skyr, a kind of soft cheese similar to yoghurt, as a dessert or with muesli and other cereals. Iceland exports skyr and it is available in tubs in supermarket dairy cases in the UK, US, and Australia; I expect it is available in other countries as well.

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What brand and type of yogurt rapidly restores flora to the intestinal tract?

According to information I've looked into,statements indicate that it's becoming increasingly difficult to find yogurt WITHOUT the beneficial cultures to assist in the proliferation of these helpful organisms. Go pick the product of your choice,give the label a look-see,and if it's right,chow down. Get in my belly! (My Grandma swore by yogurt,by the way)

Food Spoilage
Storage of Meats Poultry and Seafood

How long after the sell by date is meat good?

"Sell-By" dates are a guide for retailers. Although many products bear "Sell-By" dates, product dating is not a Federal requirement. While these dates are helpful to the retailer, they are reliable only if the food has been kept at proper temperature during storage and handling. USDA suggests that consumers cook or freeze ground beef within 2 days after purchase for maximum quality.

Sell-by dates ARE law, Nobody is allowed to sell a product that is passed its sell by date,

the sell by date is there for a reason depending on each individual products ability to produce harmful bacteria over a certain period of time. Although a product may smell or look good that does not mean that it is.

The dates should be followed or the expense of toilet roll may be more!!!

charley says;

Sell by dates are set by the manufacturer with guidelines by the USDA. The shorter sell by dates usually require higher prices as they guarantee freshness. Yes, it must be sold by this date because it is a guarantee by the manufacturer for freshness. That is why often the price is reduced to remove the product from the shelf before expiration or it must be frozen and sold for another quality of meat and it happens often. Usually done at the butcher plant storage facility.

Because the USDA has guidelines and the manufacturer may use these dates or a lessor date. They make a general statement for the consumer to freeze it within days of getting it if not consumed. As meat will spoil if not frozen and one can smell/taste meat going rotten. Provided one has the ability to smell or taste and this is not a reliable measurement.

Meat can be frozen and thawed and is just fine as long as the thawing process does not expose the meat to temperatures above forty degrees. Freezing and thawing will make meat more tender but lose freshness or taste.


Name of movie where yogurt kills?

The Stuff!


How long does it take yogurt to freeze?

2-4 hours! My favorite cup is strawberry! Is that your favorite? I hope it is because frozen strawberry trix yogurt is sweet!


What to make with bananas strawberries and yogurt mixed together?

Mix in a little chilled milk, some vanilla ice-cream [or any flavor of your choice], this mixed with your banana, strawberry, & yoghurt thru a blender will make a delicious smoothie drink. If u don't want the ice-cream jst add some crushed ice and blend. Also the mixture of banana's, strawberry and yoghurt [blended] is a great topping over your choice of other fruits or fruit salad too.


How is yogurt made?

it is made of milk

First of all milk is pasteurized to get rid of any harmful bacteria. Then the bacteria Lactobacillus is added. The lactobacillus is cultured at 46 degrees Celsius. This releases lactic acid into the milk which turns it into yogurt.


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