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You cannot, as of 1.6.2, craft an Ice block in minecraft.

There are only two ways to get it:

1. Spawn one in via cheats or creative.

2. Acquire a tool with Silk Touch and Mine the Ice Block.

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Can you make blocks in minecraft classic for mac?

You can place blocks but not make them.

How do you make ice cream in Minecraft?

There is no official way to make ice cream in Minecraft. There may be a user made mod that would allow you to make ice cream. Currently ice cream is not planned to be added to Minecraft.

How do you make glass blocks in minecraft?

To make Glass Blocks, you dig up sand and smelt it in a furnace.

How do you make blocks destructible in a new Minecraft server?

To make blocks destructible u have to be an op of the server

What can you make out of clay in minecraft on XBOX 360?

Bricks, Brick blocks and Clay blocks.

How do you make glowstone blocks on minecraft?

You make Glowstone Blocks with 4x Glowstone Dust in a square formation, on your crafting grid.

How can you lock blocks on minecraft?

you take the licks and min for diamond make diamond locks and lock the blocks

Can you make a chair in Minecraft?

You can not make on to sit in but you can make one for design out of signs and half blocks.

What can you make with lapis lazuli in Minecraft?

You can make blocks out of it, for building with, it can also be used as a dye.

Can you make items in Minecraft classic?

No, you can only place and destroy blocks.

What can you do with lapis lapzu on Minecraft?

You can make blue dyes and decorative blocks with it

How do you make planes in Minecraft 1.1?

You put 6 blocks of glass in the bottom 6 blocks of your crafting table.

How do you place command blocks in minecraft classic?

There are no command blocks in minecraft classic. Sorry

About how much blocks are in a single Minecraft map?

There are 40325909164134400 blocks in a single minecraft world.

What does lapis lazuli do in Minecraft?

You can make blue dye out of it, also you can make blocks out of it for decorative purposes.

Where do you find snow on minecraft?

You can find snow in cold biomes, such as ice taigas, tundras and ice spikes. To make snow blocks, you need to dig up snow and arrange the snowballs in a 2x2 square on your crafting grid.

How many blocks high is Steve in minecraft?

Minecraft characters are approximately 2 blocks high.

How do you find the lucky blocks in Minecraft?

You have to download the mod from minecraft to get the lucky blocks. Then the lucky blocks will spawn randomly across the surface.

Where do igloos come from?

People make them from blocks of ice

How do you make a portal in minecraft pe?

14 blocks of obsidian in a block formation

How do you turn water to ice in minecraft?

It turns to ice naturally when in a snow biome. You can also farm ice with the Silk Touch enchantment added to your pickaxe. There are many simple contraptions you can build to mass produce ice blocks. See the link below for the Minecraft Wiki with video links.

How many blocks are there in Minecraft 1.2.5?

So far in Minecraft to 1.2.5, there is actually 299 blocks and items.

Are there redstone blocks on Minecraft PS3?

As of 06/29/14, there are no Redstone Blocks in the PS3 version of Minecraft.

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