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yu ned to goe to da seafoam ilands.

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Q: How do you make it through the mansion on Pokemon FireRed?
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How do you get through the old mansion in Pokemon guardian signs?

you have to kill everybody then it will give u an emblem that will make the whole mansion explode

How do you get the 7th badge in Pokemon FireRed?

you have to go to the Pokemon mansion and get the key then get out of the mansion and go to the gym make sure that you have no ice,grass,steel or bug types other wise you will lose fast get water or rock types and burn heals then you'll win hope this helps

Where is the mansion on route 214 on Pokemon pearl?

there is no Pokemon mansion on route 214, but there is a Pokemon mansion on route 212. Right after you enter hearthome through the building right after you get through mt. coronet, if you go into the one that is going south, you will have to keep on walking until you get to the end & then you will have to make a left & go north & you will see it. by, javahut please DON'T rate!!

How can i make my own Pokemon for FireRed thythrtdygfytrtiyrtguhhhhhhhgvurbtbugbtgbtrggtbrthtbhrthurethugrrghbgthgthgthgththbgbhjrghghgtgthgthhgjhjkhyjkhyhjttjgrtyhtrnhktbuhkybkthntkhytryhjrtjthhtjth?

You can't make your own pokemon.

How do you unlock the gym in cinnabar island in pokemon firered?

revive a pokemon from a fossil and beat the fire gym leader Actually, you need to get the key from the Pokemon Mansion. It wouldn't make sense to require you to beat the gym in order to unlock the gym!

How do you make an egg in Pokemon Firered?

My mom

Who gives you Eevee in Pokemon FireRed?

Evee is found on top of the Celadon Mansion. Go to the back of the house and make your way up the stairs, until you reach the top. There you will find Evee.

How do you get into the seventh gym FireRed?

go into the mansion building next to the 7th gym then you have to make you way through it until you find the key to the 7th gym hope i helped :D

How do you make Alakazam learn Fire Punch on Pokemon FireRed?

The only way Alakazam can learn Fire Punch is through a Move Tutor on Pokemon Emerald Version.

How do you make Pokemon not shiny on FireRed?

I'm sorry, but if you have come across a shiny Pokemon and have caught it, then there is no way you can make it a normal Pokemon.

How do you make Mew listen to you in Pokemon FireRed?

how did u get mew

Can you make poke'blocks in Pokemon LeafGreen and firered?

No. Poke'mon Master

What Pokemon make eggs in Pokemon FireRed?

All except baby Pokemon and legendaries the exception being manaphy.

How On Pokemon FireRed can your starter follow you?

In fire red you can't make your starter Pokemon follow you.

How do you make a Pokemon into john cena on Pokemon firered?

You can't, if you are getting this from a video, it is a cheat/not real.

What do you do to make the scientist to move on Pokemon firered or leafgreen?

shoot him with a railgun

Where do you make berry medicine in Pokemon FireRed?

You need to link with a friend

Where is that in Pokemon FireRed?

Please type questions that actually make sense.

How do you make all caves get light in Pokemon FireRed?

get the item flash

How do you unlock 7th gymleaders door on Pokemon leafgreen?

go into the burnt Pokemon mansion (not the research center, obviously) on the island,and make your way up through the building. The secret key will be in an item ball on a table, then return to the gym, and the door will open! Note: in Pokemon yellow, Moltres is found when heading to the elite four, not in the Pokemon mansion as some think.

Can you make babies in FireRed?

Yes, you are able to breed in Pokemon FireRed. The Day Care Center is located on Four Island.

How do you make a Pokemon move when its sprawled out in a deep and comfortable slumber in Pokemon firered?

you have to use a poke flute

How do you stop evolution of a Pokemon FireRed?

You can press and hold 'b' to stop a Pokemon from evolving. Also, you can make the Pokemon hold an Everstone.

What can make you not get Pokemon eggs in FireRed?

Only bring Pokemon of the same gender into the daycare. You can also refuse to take the Pokemon egg.

How do you make a masterball on Pokemon firered?

you cant but u get it from the Silph Co. president.