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Linen is created from the long fibrous plant known as flax. It is a long and laborious process involving many steps.

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What is woven to make linen?

you use flax to make linen. The ancient Egyptians used linen for their clothes and for embalming mummies.

What plant does the Irish grow for fiber to make linen?

Flax is grown to make linen.

What material is used to make linen?

the material used to make linen is the stem of the flax plant

When did Bridget riley make acrylic on linen?

when did bridget Riley make the picture of acrylic on linen

Is linen a woven or knitted fabric?

Linen is traditionally and most commonly used to make woven fabrics. However, it is possible to knit using linen and some manufacturers do make knitted fabrics using linen. These fabrics are rather rare and hand knitting with linen is apparently tricky.

What blue flowering plant enabled spinners to make linen?

Linen is made from Flax.

What plant do the Irish grow for fiber to make linen?

All linen is made from the fibers of the flax plant.

How do you use the word linen in a sentence?

You will he given freshly laundered bed linen with which to make up your bed.

How are silk and cloth different from linen?

Silk and linen are both types of cloth so the question doesn't make much sense...

Is linen the same as cotton?

No.Linen is a textile made from the fibers of the flax plant.Cotton is a soft, fluffy staple fiber, which can be used to make other textiles.However, although linen cannot be technically made of cotton, cotton in a linen weave can be loosely referred to as linen.

Which plant is used to make linen?

The flax plant.

What was woven to make linen in Egyptian times?


What did the Egyptians use to make their clothes with?

Linen cloth

What type of fabrics are made of cotton?

You can make linen from Cotton.

The stems of flax plants are used to make linen?


Papyrus was used to make what?

Paper, boats, sandals, and linen.

How did egyptians make bandages?

the made bandages with honey and linen

What did they use to make linen cloth to wrap Jesus in?


What did Egyptians used papyrus use to make?

linen or paper

What materials were used to make fabric in Ancient Egypt?


What was the material used to make clothing in Egypt?

i believe the answer is linen

What is poly linen?

Poly linen is the mix of polyester and linen.

Why did egyptians use linen?

They used linen to make clothes softer and to preventdisease . also , the fabric made them feel more powerful cause of trading

What type of weave is linen?

This question has been around long enought to make me search in the internet for the answer. For sure the wikipedia linen article I posted in the related links box below will have any information you need pertaining the linen.

How to wear a linen shirt?

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