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Q: How do you make marshmallow for rocky roads?
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How tall is Rocky Roads?

Rocky Roads is 5' 6".

When was Rocky Roads born?

Rocky Roads was born on December 22, 1974, in New Haven, Connecticut, USA.

What actors and actresses appeared in Rocky Roads - 2010?

The cast of Rocky Roads - 2010 includes: Kendall Rileigh as Tatum

Do rocky road bars have to be served warm?

No. They will melt. They are chocolate and marshmallow .

How does heat make a marshmallow brown?

The "browning" that you see on a marshmallow is actually the caramelizing of the sugars that make up the marshmallow.

How far can one shoot a marshmallow with a marshmallow gun?

That would depend on the make of the marshmallow gun, the size of the marshmallow, and what is used to propel the marshmallow. A pump action marshmallow gun could launch a regular sized marshmallow 30 feet. If one makes a marshmallow shooter that depends on blowing into the tube, the distance would depend on how hard one can blow.

How do people change their environment in Colorado Springs?

People in Colorado Springs have to clear land for their houses and blast through the Rocky Mountains to make new roads.

How will they get passed the rocky mountain?

drive across it on the roads that have been builf

How do you make a spaghetti and marshmallow tower?


What is the Jonas brothers favorite ice cream?

Kevin's Is Rocky Road, Joe's Is Chocolate Marshmallow, And Nick's Is Cotton Candy. :D

How do you make hot marshmallow on webkinz?

Apppliance: Blender Ingredients: Milk, Chocolate Bar, Marshmallow.

How do you make marshmallow jellies?

find it in a book called 100 things to make and do.if you dont have the book buy one.if you cant buy one whoopiedoo you cant make marshmallow jellies.

Can you make marshmallows out of marshmallow creme?

No. Marshmallow cream has more liquid than required for marshmallows, and is specifically formulated not to solidify.

What words you can make out of marshmallow?

You can make................marsh ,low,mars,mall.

Why is marshmallow called marshmallow?

A marshmallow is called a marshmallow because it is a marshmallow. It is called a marshmallow because one of the earliest recipes called for use of the sap of the root of the marshmallow plant.

How do you make a marshmallow flyer?

thats a dumb question

What is the reason of the lack of farm to market roads?

because the market roads is ice cream rocky roads!hahahahahaewan q hina kc aq sa english eh walang dictionary

How do you say marshmallow in German?

marshmallow = Mäusespeck marshmallow = Marshmallow

How do you have to be to drive in Denver?

The Roads aren't rocky. So there is no trouble. But you must be 16 yrs. and up to drive.

Does nabisco still make marshmallow cookies?


How do you make sugar free plum jelly?

With a cup of milk, marshmallows, and jello mix. Dip the marshmallow in the milk. Then, dip the marshmallow in the jello mix. There you go!

What would happen if you dropped a marshmallow from the Empire State Building and it hit someone?

They would get marshmallow in their hair. The marshmallow is too small and has too little weight to do any damage. It would reach terminal velocity (the speed at which it doesn't fall any faster) fairly quickly, and that low speed, combined with the squishy nature of the marshmallow would keep it from doing any damage. Also, due to the shape of the building, and the winds in the area the marshmallow would likely not even make it to the ground, but get caught on one of the lower levels of the building and make a nice pigeon snack.

What are the two states of matter that make up a marshmallow?

A marshmallow incorporates air in its structure. It is matter in a solid form, and a gas, which is the air.

How many cups of marshmallow creme equals one cup of mini marshmallows?

16 large or 160 miniature marshmallows equals 1 cup of marshmallow cream. If you need to make marshmallow cream, you can add 2 tablespoons corn syrup to the marshmallows in a double boiler.

What does a marshmallow sound like?

A marshmallow sounds cracky