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Q: How do you make mercuric nitric dioxide?
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How do you prepare mercury mercuric nitric dioxide liquid what is the best composition?

3o of mercury oxide add 100 ml nitric acid under cooling and 20 ml glacial acetic acid

Is Mercuric nitrate an acid?

Mercury is not attacked by dilute hydrochloric or sulfuric acid. It reacts with hot nitric acid to form mercuric nitrate, Hg(No 3 )

What materials make nitric acid?

H2NO3hydrogennitrogenoxygenCombine nitrogen and oxygen at high temperature and pressure (as in internal combustion engine) to make nitrogen dioxide (NO2). Dissolve nitrogen dioxide in water to get nitric acid.

Why is nitric acid yellow?

It is due to nitric dioxide gas contamination. Very pure nitric acid is clear because the synthesis of it removes it of nitric dioxide.

When sulphur oxide or nitric oxide is combined with moisture in the air then what is formed?

Sulfur dioxide and nitrogen dioxide combine with water to make acid rain. Nitric oxide is neutral but is rapidly oxidised to nitrogen dioxide.

What pollutants is a brown gas nitrogen dioxide sulfur dioxide carbon dioxide nitric dioxide?

Nitrogen Dioxide

Is Nitrogen Dioxide a brown gas?

Yes it is, its not sulfur dioxide or carbon dioxide or nitric Oxide.

What is the word equation for nitrogen dioxide?

Nitric oxide + oxygen => Nitrogen Dioxide

What forms when carbon dioxide sulfur dioxide or nitric oxide combine with water in the air?

Carbon dioxide combines with water to form Carbonic Acid, Similarly Sulfur dioxide form Sulfuric acid and Nitric oxide form Nitric acid. These all falls on earth in the form of acid rain.

What is the major causes of acid rain?

the main cause is sulphur dioxide and nitrogen dioxide as they react with water to make sulphuric acid and nitric acid respectively.

What happens when sulfur reacts with nitric acid?

S + HNO3 = SO2 + NO2 + H2OWhen Sulfur reacts with nitric acid it forms sulfur dioxide , nitrogen dioxide and water .

Which chemical changes the color of nitric acid?

Nitric acid in its pure form is colorless. The color changes to brownish-yellow due to the presence of nitrogen dioxide (NO2). This nitrogen dioxide usually forms when bottles containing nitric acids are not properly capped. Nitric acid reacts with oxygen in the air to form nitrogen dioxide which remains dissolved in the acid to give this particular color.