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There is no money in minecraft.

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When you first get Minecraft does it cost money?

Minecraft Classic is free, but Minecraft Beta requires you to pay for it after you make an account. After you buy it, it will be saved to your account forever.

How do you get money on Minecraft?

This makes no sense as there is no money in vanilla Minecraft.

How do you install Minecraft?

go to minecraft.net, make a minecraft account, click buy now (and use money) then follow the instructions

How much money is a Minecraft server?

It does not cost anything to get a minecraft server. You simply download the Minecraft_server.exe from the minecraft website download page. Then, you run it to make your own server.

How much does the creator of minecraft make?

Notch makes LOTS and LOTS of money.

Can someone help me get minecraft?

Yes. Get a job and make the money then buy it. Or get someone to buy it for you.

How much money is Minecraft for the dsi?

Minecraft is not out for the DSi.

Does a minecraft account cost money to make?

No, it only costs if you wish to upgrade to the premium version.

Why did you make Minecraft?

Notch made it,not me!

Does Minecraft have more games than Roblox?

Maybe? That's an answer that cannot be updated. ROBLOX is getting more players/games by the day. And Minecraft is getting 100 or 300 players each month. That should be answered by the creators of ROBLOX and Minecraft. Also you need real life money to play Minecraft games and to make Minecraft games. Not a lot of people would spend real life money on Minecraft. And to make a game is not worth it. But in ROBLOX it takes no real life money to make a game. You only need ROBUX to make game passes. But the VIP Severs make up for it. So it remains unknown. In my book I say ROBLOX has more games then Minecraft.

Do Minecraft forge cost money?

Minecraft forge is a free program.

Why can't you buy Minecraft?

Minecraft doesnt accept Monopoly Money.

How can you give the money to minecraft?

You Have to install it and the minecraft peaple somehow get the mony

Where does the money go when you buy Minecraft?

The money goes to the Majong Company and you don't get it back. Then you got to download the minecraft.

Does it cost money to make a minecraft server?

If you host a server at your home or etc., then it is free. But if you host it at a site (eg: verygames), then it costs money.

Can Minecraft steal your money?

real money no it can not be that i know of

Does minecraft steal money?

No They don't steal money

How do you download Minecraft it is a computer game?

In order to download Minecraft, you must go to minecraft.com and make an account then click download. Making an account costs money though.

Do have to pay money to register a account on minecraft?

Not to register, just to buy the game and make the account premium.

Does the demo of minecraft cost money and do you have to download it?

The demo of Minecraft does not cost money and it only requires some technical downloading.

How do you make a key in Minecraft?

There are no keys in minecraft!

How do you make a pencil in Minecraft?

you can't make a pencil in minecraft, but there mite be a mod for it.

How do you make cannon in Minecraft?

You have to have a mod (modification) to make a cannon. It is not in vanilla minecraft.

How do you make a firework in Minecraft 1.5.2?

how to make a fire works in minecraft 1.5.2

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