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How do you make rikou appear on Pokemon fire red?

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you have to beat the elite four and then you can find him anywhere in the grass. if you have seen him and he runs then you can look in your pokedex and you will see where he is.and he switch location when you do it.

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How do you make a water Pokemon make a fire attack?

You teach a water Pokemon mimic and when a fire Pokemon shoots a fire attack your Pokemon will shoot it to!!

How do you make entai appear on Pokemon fire red?

after beating the elite 4, it will be wild in the kanto region ONLY if u chose bulbasaur as ur starter pokemon.

Preferably before Eterna City where can you find a fire type Pokemon in Pokemon Pearl?

either u get a Chimchar or an action replay to make fire Pokemon appear -------------------------------------- Don't believe that. On the way to Eterna in the grass there's a chance of a Ponyta coming out

Where do you get an elekid in Pokemon Diamond and Pearl?

you have to insert fire red cartage in the GBA slot of DS to make it appear in route 205 and valley windworks

Repels on Pokemon Diamond?

Repels make WEAK not strong Pokemon not appear

What is a fire stone used on?

A fire stone is used on certain Pokemon to make them evolve. The Pokemon that evolve with a fire stone are: ~Evee ~Vulpix ~Growlithe

How do you make any Pokemon in the poked ex appear?

you meet them

How do you hack Pokemon legally?

Its a bit of an oxymoron, but you simply hack Pokemon and make them appear not to be hacked.

How do you make Pokemon appear in the entralink?

you have to go to dreamworld and make a friend and send it to the entralink

Pokemon emerald how do you make shinies appear more?

there is no specific way

How do you make the staircase appear for the azure flute in Pokemon platinum?

Use it.

How do you make the scientist appear in the lab on Pokemon black?

Genosect event.

How do you used the honey in pearl Pokemon?

You can use that for the golden trees to catch Pokemon or use the honey in the grass to make Pokemon appear

How do you make regice appear in Pokemon ruby?

you hav 2 make tunels com up

What are fire Pokemon good against?

Fire type Pokemon are really effective to bug and grass types.To make sure just go to the Pokemon site( find out.

How On Pokemon FireRed can your starter follow you?

In fire red you can't make your starter Pokemon follow you.

How do you beat the ice gym in pokemon platnum?

make sure you have fire Pokemon with you and you will win easy

How do you get some Rae Pokemon on Pokemon Diamond?

catch them or if u want codes? check them on Google, type in "wild Pokemon modifier code" then u can use that to make any1 appear, i used this code with my shiny code and i can make any1 appear and shiny

How do you make the legendary dog Pokemon appear in Pokemon firered?

just go to the pet shop and buy all of them.

What online Pokemon webstes are there like Pokemon Crater?

Well the one that i know about is Pokemon Indigo.Its a nice site where you can make rooms where Pokemon of your choice appear.

How do you make the blue portal appear in Pokemon platinum?

Catch palkia first.

On Pokemon Platinum do you have to defeat OR capture Regigigas to make Regirock and Regice and Registeel appear in their caves?

no you need to have the three regies in your party to make regigigas appear

Is there a cheat for Pokemon fire red to make your character into silver?

heck no

How do you get an electririzer on Pokemon Pearl?

Electirizer is sometimes held by wild Elekid which only appear in Pokemon Pearl if you have a copy of Pokemon FireRed. To make the wild Elekid appear you need Pokemon FireRed in the GBA slot of the DS. Once this is done wild Elekid should start to appear on Route 205 and the Valley Windworks.

How do you make Alakazam learn Fire Punch on Pokemon FireRed?

The only way Alakazam can learn Fire Punch is through a Move Tutor on Pokemon Emerald Version.