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Find ways of buying them cheaper - sell at same price

Find ways of making them cheaper - sell at same price

Find ways of shipping them cheaper - sell at same price

Find ways of improving their quality - sell at higher price

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Q: How do you make school chalk making business to be more profitable?
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What are all the steps of making school chalk?

u remove your pants and expose your dick and colour it chalk. it acts like chalk

What is the elemental making of chalk?

Chalk is a form of calcium carbonate - CaCO3.

What is chalk in tagalog?

Chalk (use for writing on a greenboard in school) in Tagalog is called Tisa but commonly it is still called chalk.

What school supply is made of limestone?


What can use for a making a chalk?

If you mean blackboard chalk, it is generally made of the mineral gypsum, which is calcium sulfate.

Is the chalk used in the schools magnetic?

No well i am just telling you the answer i think because i went to a school that had chalk boards.

What was school life like in 1800 -1900?

very different it was strict and you wrote on slate with chalk[mini blackboard with chalk]

Is making chalk dust a chemical change?

No, it is a physical, not chemical change.

What metamorphic rock used in school?

It can be used for the chalk bords .

Is chalk a stationery?

Chalk sticks are a school supply, but not a stationery item; stationery is generally considered to be paper and envelopes for writing letters.

When did we start to use chalk?

Students were using chalk at school in the early 1800s. Teachers had large chalkboards and students had slate boards to do their lessons on.

What is the best formula for making gymnastics or weightlifting chalk?

A common formula for making gymnastics or weightlifting chalk involves mixing magnesium carbonate with alcohol, such as rubbing alcohol, to create a paste. This paste can then be dried and crushed into a powder to be used as chalk for better grip during activities.