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How do you make slime?

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I have done this at school before.


Metal Spoon


Plastic Beaker

Food Dye

Squeeze Bottle with H2O in it

Chopping Board


Get out your plastic beaker, and put it on your bench.

Put some cornflower into it.

Put some water into it, a little bit at a time.

Mix it with your metal spoon.

When it gets thick, and is a bit thicker than honey, put some food dye into it.

Put it onto your chopping board, it will be really thin and gooey,

but pick it up in your hands and try to roll it in a ball, this takes time.


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Here is a page full of slime recipes for you!

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1. bowl

2. glue

3.Downy, tide or baking soda


2020-06-03 17:53:57
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You use bacon

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Q: How do you make slime?
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Can you make slime with cornmeal?

no you can not use cornmeal to make slime

How do you make a metal slime?

you need a slime and a metal dragon

How do you make slime with only with glue and flour?

You can't make 'slime' with only glue and flour.

Can you make slime without borax?

Although borax powder is highly recommended for making slime, you can make slime without borax.

How do you make a slime mold?

To make slime mold you have to find a moist place and put salt on it and there you go.

How do you make slime without borax or cornstarch or glue?

how to make slime without glue or cornstarch and borax\

What is best conclusion to make a slime?

the conclusion is that the slime becomes very viscous and sticky hard to shake hands but that shows the glue when combined with water and borax make slime. What makes the viscous slime is borax.

What is the hypothesis and satement on how to make slime?

to make slime you must mix Elmer's glue, a little baking soda, and some context solution make sure mix and kneed well and enjoy your slime:)B)

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2x grandpa slime and 2x gold golem

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How do you make slime without borax or cornstarch?

I was Wondering how to make slime without borax and cornstarch could you use baking soda??

What is the substance in white glue to make Super slime?

The PVA in white glue reacts with borax and water to make super slime.

How do you make slime for alien egg?

Slime comes with the egg but if you ever run out there are a couple of science websites that will show you how to make goo

Why was slime invented?

slime was invented by accident while trying to make a type of hair gel

How do you make slime explode?

you put a bomb inside the slime and then run away before you get killed

How do you make slime easily?

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How do snails make their slime?

Snails make their slime come from their mouth because it's called mucus which is also known as sick or puke.

Can you use sugar to make slime?

no but you can use powdered suger to make slime and u use glue,powdered suger,and food coloring

How do you make slime without starch?

buy glue and put a little water and mix it and a little slime

How do you make slime with tide?

you cant but you can with borax

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Do you need glue to make slime?


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slime :L

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Who invented slime?

Slime was invented by Mattel in 1976.