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Throw paper at him untill he gets mad and throws it back.

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Q: How do you make the guy watch you on office jerk?
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How do you do gesundheit on office jerk?

You have to hit the guy in the face with the flour bag.

How do you get coffee depth charge in office jerk?

Throw TNT at the nerdy guy's coffee.

How do you hit the water jug in office jerk?

throw the pencil at the jug then it should you get the trophy, its very hard because you might hit the office guy 10 or more. peace all and enjoy office jerk on the I Phone

What does it mean if a married guy invites you to his hotel room to watch a movie?

He either is watching a horror movie and it scares him too much to watch alone or he is a jerk.

How do you make a girl not think your a jerk?

To make a girl think you are not a jerk start by acting like a nice guy. Be yourself and be attentive and a good listener. Talk to the girl about things that interest her and be polite.

If a guy is a jerk to your friends except you is he into you?

Bottom line? Why do you want a guy that treats your friends badly? You just said he's a jerk! Don't be surprised when it finally dawns on you that he really is a jerk.

How do you deal with a guy whose a jerk?

tell him he's a jerk and record his response... then post it

What is the opposite of jerk?

The opposite of a jerk is a nice guy. See here.

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What do you tell a guy if he tells you his a jerk?

Well,you smile and say "i don't think your one",But if you think he's a jerk its best you tell him.Don't lie in his face and say "your not a jerk" when you think "he is a jerk." But tell him why you think he is a jerk and why he is not a jerk.

What does it mean when a girl trusts you more than their own boyfriend?

It usly means that that girl is into you and thinks that the guy she is with is a Jerk. It usly means that that girl is into you and thinks that the guy she is with is a Jerk. I usly means that she is into you and that she thinks her boyfriend is a jerk

Are you a jerk if a guy love you at first sight and you get to know him after a day then break up with him?

it is quite mean. but don't think of it that way. if your not intrested in this guy then don't worry your not a jerk. YEA your a jerk that's flippin rude!!!

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