How do you make up choreography?

There are many parts to consider when creating choreography. First, think about what dance genre you are interested in choreographing and do some research pertaining to that style. Next, create a concept and find music to match the message you are planning to convey. Look over the lyrics and make your own interpretations as you discover your feelings towards the song. Then, consider the options of a presentational performance, in which the focus is towards the audience, or representational, in which the performance has no means of interacting with the audience.

After you have expanded your background on the piece, use this as a guide for creating movement. Explore literal dancing in which your movements directly connect to the words being sung. Maybe you are inspired by a particular idea and use a single move to represent that idea. You may also explore abstract dancing in which your movements have nothing to do with the exact lyrics. Listen to the music and freestyle in a clear area and see what you come up with.

Sometimes moves may or may not come naturally to you. If you are stuck try thinking of different level changes from the floor to the air. Think of the amount of space and how you will cover that space. Be creative with the direction your dancers will be moving such as forward, backward, sideward, diagonal, in circles, or even in place. Keep your formations interesting by moving them around. Feel free to go back and repeat a move, but use a different tempo or direction. Think of partner work that could be used to collaborate with a fellow dancer. Lastly, do not limit yourself to try new things. Take risks and do not be afraid to ask for help if needed.