Choreography refers to the act of designing a dance, as well as the sequence of moves that make up a dance. Choreography involves human movement and form in terms of space, shape, time, energy, and emotion.

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How do you spell choreography?

That is the correct spelling of "choreography" (organizing a dance routine).


Why is choreography important?

Choreography is the setting of dance movements to music. Choreography allows dance to be translated from the choreographer's mind to a dancer's body. Choreography allows the creation of infinite possibilities in movement. Without choreography, dancers would be improvising all the time, which would not allow for intricate performances such as ballets, for example. Choreography is also passed down, almost like a story, so it can be "read", performed, for generations to follow.


How much should you charge for Hip Hop and Pop choreography?

that depends on your motivation. are you seeking to maximize your earnings? are you doing it simply because you love the work?

if the former, the short answer is "whatever the market will bear." this is a complex issue, as what you can charge will be more or less than what someone else can charge, depending more or less on your/their perceived credibility and value. you also must factor in your time, and how many hours you can actually devote to the activity. the lower your cost, in general theory, the busier you will be. the higher your cost, the less customers you will find, but you need spend less time to earn the same amount. it has also been found in some cases that the more you charge, the more work you will have, but this only applies when servicing the elites whose disposable income is more or less unlimited.

in the latter case (because you love it), you can charge nothing and you may find you have all the work you desire.

what you are asking is a question of economics, and there is no one 'right' answer to questions of economics.


Does choreographer Terence Lewis has a girlfriend?

Choreographer terence lewis has girlfriend.her name is neeti mohon(shakti mohon's elder sister).


What is the definition of unison in choreography?

It is when everyone dances together, the same steps at the same time


How do you learn how to make choreography if your a very good dancer? answer your question...anyone can learn to make choreography.

It's really easy, the better you are, the easier making choreo comes. So

either way, doesn't matter if your an AMAZING dancer or you are just an average dancer, you can still make choreo.

I'm a dancer, I'm average yet people say I make great choreography.


What is highlights in dance choreography?

Parts of the dance that really stand out, that the audience will remember.

Eg. stillness to large jump.


Who Is Shaun Evaristo?

Name: Shaun Evaristo

Location North Hollywood

Job: Choreographer/Dancer

Subject: Commercial/TV/Film/Live Concerts

Shaun Evaristo is a Filipino-American professional dancer and choreographer and currently CEO of Movement Lifestyle (a choreography service management company).

Early life

Shaun Evaristo started dancing during his pre-teen years, when he originally formed his first dance crew, Gen2, with his cousins and friends. Inspired by Michael Jackson and N'Sync, he and Gen2 began dancing in his garage, and have constantly choreographed and performed routines together since then. After taking several dance classes through his teenage years, in genres including tap and jazz, Shaun was exposed to his most influential genre and style today, Hip-Hop. Through his teenage years, he kept on creating and structuring dance routines, and put on shows for his high school.

Professional Choreography Work

After moving to North Hollywood, Shaun Evaristo was contacted by YG Entertainment to work for Korean Pop Group Big Bang. It was essentially the gateway to his professional dancing career. He choreographed the routines for Big Bang member Tae Yang's hit music videos "Wedding Dress" and "I Need A Girl", as well as a few others. Through YG Entertainment, Shaun caught the attention of other popular Korean Pop artists, G-Dragon and Seven (South Korean singer). This time, through Kanauru Productions, Shaun worked with Se7en to help them structure and choreograph a dance routine to their hit song "Drip", released in 2010.

Shaun had the opportunity to not only work with these popular Korean Pop artists, but he also toured with Omarion in the United States and Canada. He has shot several music videos for international artists, but his first work with an artist from the United States was a music video-type commercial for Sears using High School Musical star, Vanessa Hudgens' song "Arrive".

Dance Workshops

Aside from choreographing for music artists, Shaun also makes his own dance pieces that he teaches at dance workshops for dancers who want to learn his material. His work has been showcased at several dance workshops around the world. Among these workshops lies the Urban Dance Camp in Germany, the world's leading dance intensive education workshop. Every year, UDC brings the world's best choreographers and street dancers to spread their talent to other dancers in a 28-day summer session. Dancers also get to showcase their work to the audience at the Urban Dance Showcase, in which Shaun performed in 2011.

Shaun has also paid a visit to the Broadway Dance Company in Tokyo, Japan. Like UDC, the Broadway Dance Company is a leader in dance education, but in the genre of jazz. It brings in world-class dancers and choreographers who are willing to offer recent styles of dance to Asian students. He and his Movement Lifestyle colleague Lyle Beniga both taught their respective choreographies as guests to the workshop in Japan. (wikipedia source 2012)




Vanessa Hudgens

Greyson Chance



Travis Garland


Big Bang

Tae Yang

G Dragon






The Company


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How do you become famous?

Becoming famous requires determination, talent, and quite a bit of luck, and confidence! To be famous, you have to do something that's good like sing, dance, athletics, be the president, etc. You could start by singing, making movies, and doing things you are talented in.

Being famous also requires being discovered by the right people. A common frustration among talented people is that nobody will give them a chance. That is why performers do gigs and try to get on shows like American Idol and similar. As you can see, even being on one of those shows is no guarantee of success. Often, only the top 3 finalists or so attract any serious attention from anyone offering contracts.

The best way to become famous is to practice singing, acting, or being funny, (comedian). Then post it on Youtube. How you post a video on Youtube is, go to the Youtube page. Then, near the search box should be a button that says, "Upload." Click on it, then. There will be other buttons. Click on the one that says, "Webcam Capture". Under those words is a button that says, "record". Click on it, then, IF there is a little box thing that pops up, click the green button.

post vidios on youtube like justen bieber did

A word of warning:

Do not run away from home to become famous. If that is your plan, then you need to have all your arrangements settled in advance. You should have asked for auditions with reputable people, and you should have your living arrangements settled before moving anywhere. Too many children get the notion to run away from home, move to the Los Angeles area, and try to get in a movie. It does not work that way. If anyone "discovers" you in that setting, it will likely be pedophiles and pornographers, not reputable people making decent movies and television shows. So you have to do your research and make your arrangements in advance. Having an agent will be beneficial, though it is not absolutely necessary. The road to fame will be long and hard, and you might not actually want it once you get there. Even going through the proper channels will be frustrating. You might write hundreds of letters, emails, and voice messages, and not have any of them respond.


Who is Louie Spence?

Louie Spence is a dancer who works at Pineapple Dance Studios. He is currently in a sky program about Pineapple Dance Studios. He is a very passionate and inspiring man.


What are the basics of choreography?

Basic steps and moves is about as basic as it gets. Try stepping in a square to a song with a steady beat to start, not too fast, though. When you are ready to move on, create your own step pattern, maybe to a faster song. After this, try going back to the steady song and add some moves with your arms and upper body. When you have mastered all this, try the fast song to to the routine you have created. If you would rather try a routine already created by another person, go ahead, but master it in the ways just explained.


What is Sentence for choreography?

How about "The movie dirty dancing had some fabulous choreography in my opinion."

How To

How to Do the Moonwalk?

For years, people have wanted to do the moonwalk dance just like its creator, Michael Jackson. However, doing the dance is easier said than done. When it was first created, the moonwalk was way ahead of its time. In fact, many popular choreographers could not imitate the Michael's signature dance move until months, even years later.

This article will explain in detail how to do the moonwalk. However, this instruction will not be useful unless you practice the steps. You may also want a visual guide of the moonwalk for further help.

Keep your feet together

Your feet should be close together without touching each other -- approximately 12 inches spread apart. Additionally, since the focus of the move is on your feet, keep your body very still or positioned.

Practice moving your feet backwards

The moonwalk gives the illusion that you are walking forward, even though you are moving backwards. To perform the illusion, one foot must be stationary and elevated while the other foot is moving backwards.

Elevate your feet as high as possible

The higher your foot is elevated, the more effect the dance move has. Wear pants that do not cover the shoe, and wear shoes that have strong features. The viewers should be able to completely see both of your feet. Your heels should be as high in the air as possible.

Keep the backward moving foot slightly off of the ground

Though you don't want your moving foot to come too high off of the ground, you will have a hard time sliding your feet backwards if they are touching the ground. Additionally, place your center of weight on the elevated foot to keep your balance.

Practice in front of a mirror. Many people have incorrect form when dancing unless they practice their dance moves in front of a mirror. Use a pushing force

Physics play a large role in the moonwalk. If you do not exhibit proper stance, force and balance, you will not perform the moonwalk the way it was meant to be performed. The only force you should be using is the leg that walks backwards. Do not put the force in your foot; rather, keep your leg as straight as possible, and move it backwards in a fluent motion.

Jazz Dancing
Hip Hop Dancing

Did Kendall Vertes have a boyfriend last year?

No Kendall Vertes has never had a boyfriend


Which film won an Oscar for best choreography?

The Dance Direction category (AKA Choreography) was given between 1935-1937 to: 1935 Dave Gould for "I've Got a Feeling You're Fooling" number from Broadway Melody of 1936 and for "Straw Hat" number from Folies Bergere 1936 Semour Felix for "A Pretty Girl Is Like a Melody" number from The Great Ziegfeld 1937 Hermes Pan for "Fun House" number from A Damsel in Distress


What is they outlook of being a choreographer?

You can become a professional instructer that teaches dances and makes millions a year. The future outlook id you becoming very successful in life. your may even make a dance that appears in the next bug movie


What is chance choreography?

This is choreography that is left pruely to chance, for example rolling dice can be used to decide how many dancers and sections you will have in your dance.


How do you create choreography?

I'm only 12 but I have made some very impressive choreography.

When I hear a piece of music I like, I instantly see a group of dancing people in my head. its like they encourage and inspire me to do something with the music that no one else can do.

I've been making my own choreography for about 2 years now, and you can really see the difference in mine, and my friend's dancing and movement skills. When my friend and I perform the dances that I have made and practiced everyone is thrilled. Trust me it's a good feeling for someone to compliment and cheer you on like that.

I know I'm young but here are some things that might help you with your choreography:

* listen to the music a few times and imagine some of the steps. * while listening, concentrate hard on the lyrics-the lyrics might help with some movements. * don't start from the beginning if you can't think of anything-there isn't a deadline so take your time. * practice it when ever you have time-if you forget about it you might miss a beneficial opportunity. * if you're dancing in a group make sure the other people know how to dance. * don't get discouraged!!! I've had lots of breakthroughs and just as many if not more major breakdowns! * lastly, perform your dance. you're not going to get anywhere in life if you don't present your ideas to anyone.


How do you memorize choreography?

what you do i repeatly do the dance and over time your mind should memorize it.


Can you get a master s in dance choreography?

Yes, I looked it up. It's possible.


Where do the x factor contestants do choreography?

covent garden



Who did the choreography for Michael Jackson thriller?

Michael Jackson, Michael Peters and The Electric Boogaloos.


Why are motifs and motif development important in dance choreography?

Motif development is essential when choreographing a dance as it acts as a building block for your routine. Developing a motif allows you to change certain things about the motif, for example you can change the actions or dynamics in the dance. Doing this to each motif you create enables you to play around with your routine or reinforce the theme of your dance.


Who does the choreographer work with?

me and you. imma tell you one time!


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