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How do you make your Sim have triplets in Sims 2?



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It is possible for your Sim to have triplets, but it is very rare! It happened to my Sim, only once though.

There is no cheat for triplets. But I do know a cheat for twins.

If you don't already know the cheat:

  1. Hold down CTRL + SHIFT then press C while holding down CTRL + SHIFT
  2. Then type in the box that appears "forcetwins"
  3. Then press Enter note: sims must be pregnant before you put in the cheat.

This will happen naturally to your Sim sometimes, it isn't as rare as having triplets though

When the twins are born it is quite often a boy and a girl!

Happy Simming!

Chloe xx

erm, soz but unless you want the cheat to work you have to type in

boolprop testingCheatsenabled true

make sure the C is a capital or it won't work :)

and also having triplets in really unusual, it's either twins or one baby at a time.

Nicole x

I read on yahoo that if you type in Ctrl Shift C and type in force_twins you get twins, but it always accepted the cheats but I never had twins.

BearsGummi XOXOXO