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How do you make your boyfriend happy?

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You can gift him something he likes. Often boyfriends prefer a warm welcome or change in routine.

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What can you do to make your boyfriend really happy?

Be nice and happy around him. Don't be moody and demanding.

What is girls make happy?

girl can happy,if they boyfriend give something,that the girl never have it before. that their boyfriend do something special, no need to be romantic

How do you make your boyfriend happy in bed?

Bring a second girl into the equation.

What is something good to say to make your boyfriend happy?

say you love him

What does your boyfriend think about when he stares at you?

Probably either how beautiful you are or how happy you make him.

What are things you can say to your boyfriend to make him happy?

Tell him he is so reliable

How you can happy your boyfriend?

Learn how to communicate in English more good, then make him a sandwhich

Who is angie hang's boyfriend?

My boyfriend is someone special who always spend time with me and make me happy everday and make me feel special they way i am loves for who i am not how i look like

How can you become a super boyfriend?

Well make her happy and tell her evreything. and complement her and mean it

What do you do if your boyfriend wants to enlist but you cant deal with it?

if he thinks it will make him happy, nothing. let him do it

How do you make my boyfriend pay for treating me bad?

okwell in the first place you should never make the other person mad just get another boyfriend and be happy because him seeing you happy will hurt him so much kk that's what i did

How do you make your boyfriends ex really jealous and hurt?

If you're that immature/childish/mean you don't even deserve to have a boyfriend. Just be happy he actually chooses you over her. Instead, it would probably make your boyfriend happy if you tried to be nice to his ex.

What to do when you make your boyfriend sad and want him to be happy again?

make it up to them by taking them out and cheering them up, do something you know he loves to do

How do you make Danielle Nicole Johnson happy?

get her a boyfriend and tell her hees the one make sure he starts with the letter w

What does dating a friends ex boyfriend in a dream mean and does it make a difference if the friend is happy for you?

it only means you like your friend ex boyfriend and that wrong

Are you cheapening yourself to sleep with your boyfriend every night?

Not neccesarily, If you are sleeping with him because you want to then no. But if you are only sleeping with him because you think it will make him happy and keep him around longer, then yes. Do what makes you happy,not what you think will make him happy.

What do you do if your boyfriend is two timing you?

If your boyfriend is cheating on you should break up with him. Because he likes someone else and he will make you look like a jerk if you try to break them up. You should find a new boyfriend a boyfriend that will be nice to you and love you. You will be happier and you will make him happy just to be with you.

How do you understand what the girl requires from her boy friend?

Try asking her. Often girls are happy to answer. Just say to her, I want to make you happy, What do you want from me as your boyfriend.

What Justin Bieber songs make you happy and why?

justin biebers song boyfriend makes me happy because i luv how he raps in it and it makes me happy to listin to him:p <3<3<3

Is it wrong to dance with other guys at homecoming when you have a boyfriend and he wont be there?

It would be wrong if you didn't tell your boyfriend. You always want to approve first with your boyfriend always make the man happy!!!!!!!! :-) L.G

How can you make your boyfriend who has just lost his best friend in a car accident be happy again?

Pleasure him sexually.

How do you you make a boyfriend?

You don't make boyfriends - you discover them by making friends with people. Your boyfriend will be the one who feels so deeply about you that he wants to make you happy and safe, and you'll feel the same way about him. You have to be plain friends first.

What should you do if your boyfriend is gay?

Well if you are a girl you should let your boyfriend find a boyfriend to be happy with.

Who need a boyfriend?

People who are looking for a boyfriend might need a boyfriend, but you can be happy when you are single too.

How do you get your ex boyfriend back if he has a new girlfriend?

Leave him alone and let him make that choice. If you aren't happy seeing him happy, you must not want him back that bad!

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