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How do you make your breasts grow?

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Despite all the products that claim to increase bust size, there is nothing that will do it except cosmetic surgery (implants). Pills, creams and supplements are all useless, and a waste of money. And, while exercises may help build up the muscles of the chest wall, supporting the breasts, they don't increase the size of the breasts.

2009-06-04 10:04:31
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Q: How do you make your breasts grow?
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Does feeling breasts make them grow?

No. Feeling of breasts will not make them grow.

Do waffles make your breasts grow?

No, waffles do not make your breasts grow.

Will taking prestrogen help your breasts grow?

No. Nothing can really make your breasts grow.

What massage should you use to make breasts grow?

Only surgery can make your breasts bigger. There is nothing you can do to make them grow faster or bigger.

Does butter make your breasts grow?

No it does not.

Does shaving make breasts grow?


Can exercising make your breasts grow?


Can baby oil help to grow breasts?

No. A lot of people think massaging your breasts with oil will make them grow but the truth is nothing makes your breasts grow bigger.

Does body cream make your breasts grow?

No, there is no scientific evidence that body cream makes breasts grow bigger

Do tomatoes make your breast grow faster?

No, tomatoes do not make your breasts grow faster.

Can putting butter on your breasts make them grow?


Does ortho cyclen make your breasts grow?


Does massaging your breasts make them grow more?


Do hormones make your breasts grow?

Estrogen supplements can make your breasts grow bigger, but as soon as you discontinue use they will revert back to there normal size.

Do push-up bras make your breasts bigger?

The make you breasts look bigger but they do not make your breasts grow bigger.

What food makes your breasts grow?

There is no particular foods to make your breasts grow. Just eat healthily and regulary. regular anal sex has been proven to help your breasts grow naturally.

Does massaging your breast make them grow bigger?

Massaging your breasts does not make them grow bigger. That is a myth.

How can you make your breasts grow without gaining weight?

No, you can't grow larger breasts without gaining weight all over.

Can dairy foods make your breasts grow or get bigger?


Does alcohol make your breasts grow?

No it does nothing like it.

Can fallatio make breasts grow bigger?

No it can't

How can a 13 year old girl make her breasts grow or get?

Breasts grow in puberty and nothing can be done until that is over. Then there is only surgery.

How do you get your breasts to grow larger?

You can not grow larger breasts. You can grow the muscles under the breasts with some exercise. So learn to live with the breasts you have.

How do you make your breasts grow faster during puberty?

You can't. You just have to wait for them to grow.

How can you make your breasts grow instantly?

Hormones cause your breasts to grow and the size is determined by DNA. No food, drinks, lotions, pills, or exercise will change this.