Breast Enlargement

How do you make your breasts perkier?

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2009-11-28 05:08:20

Don't believe that you can take pills that will do it. You will

just be poorer, not perkier. Breasts are fatty tissue and once

fully developed will look the way they do until age and gravity

loosen up ligaments and stretch skin making them sag. However,

while you are young but fully developed, you can make them look

perkier with the right uplifting type of bra. There are only 2 ways

to make them perkier when naked, though. One is implant surgery.

Ouch. Painful and expensive. The other is to build and tone the

pectoral muscles of the chest that help hold up the breasts. Hard

work that may not give you quite the results you want (more

noticable results for A or B cups than D cup), but the health

benefits of workouts and good nutrition are worth the effort.

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