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tell him or record it and make him listen to it

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Q: How do you make your husband realize he is an emotional abuser?
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How do you lead an emotional abuser to help?

You can't lead or make an emotional abuser do anything and that's why they are called "emotional abusers." They feel they are OK and everyone else is off base. They know what they are and they doubt themselves and this person has had plenty of time to get help, but doesn't obviously want it. The best thing you can do is leave!

If you know the phone number of an abuse counselor or abuse expert how can you convince a non-abusive family member to see him without them thinking you just want him to make the abuser look bad?

You should go see the abuse counselor first and get some idea of what he or she is able to do for you. Once you get some positive, constructive tools in dealing with abuse and can show (maybe) that you are trying to help the abuser as well as the abused, the family member may realize that you are not just trying to make the abuser look bad. ~ T

How can you deal with your girlfriends emotional feelings?

First you have to realize how emotionally she is talking to you. Answer her questions truly. I know sometimes its better to hide the truth, but make sure u don't make any lie at that time. Because, if you make lie when she is emotional, soon when she find that out, you will be in a great trouble. In this kind situation you can chose to be in between true and lie. Thanks

If you unintentionally make your spouse afraid one time during an argument Should you be labelled an abuser considering it was not intended and an Abuser knowingly repeats his Abusive ways?

Well if its UNintended, then no it doesn't make you a abuser. The abuser continues his abusive ways even after it's been brought up to him or her. Just be sure to talk to your spouse about this problem. Let them know that you are sorry for what you did and you did not mean to do it.

How do you make abusers suffer?

You should not wish revenge against an abuser, this will only make your abuser furious and cause them to harm you more than they already have. To stop an abuser you need to talk to the authorities and if you are a teenager or younger person that is being abuse you need to talk to a trusted adult for help.

What makes racism emotional?

The comments make racism emotional

How can music make you feel emotional?

music make you feel emotional by its meaning and how your experiences relate it

What is abusive relationship?

An abusive relationship has a broad meaning, it could be physical, mental, or emotional. And it can be all three. Physical abuse is when someone hits you and it is visable to the eyes. Mental and emotional abuse is harder to detect and sometimes you don't even realize it until it has zapped you of you energy and your self-esteem. I have lived in an emotional and mental abusive relationship for 21 years so I know the signs. Trying to get out of such a relationship is harder because the abuser tries to make you think you are the crazy one. I have tried on a number of occasions to leave the relationship only to get sucked in by his promises of change. I hope you are not in an abusive relationship and if you are you run and never look back.

How can you make the abuser leave?

Call the cops and tell them to come and get him/her. Tell them what they are doing to you.

What are the ways in which you cannot be heavily involved with an abuser but want to keep the relationship?

Abuser of what? drugs or you? Convince them to go to anger management, or rehab. talk to them and try to make them stop.

What is emotional abuse?

Continuous insults, demands and harassment towards a partner with the intent to erode that person's self esteem. It may take place only in private, or it may be done publicly to increase the victim's humiliation. The victim is told, either directly or in various ways, that they cannot manage--their appearance, their sexuality, their finances, their emotions, their entire life. Abuse often occurs with the victim being isolated from family and friends, as to where they perceive their abuser as their only source of "support". The abuse may at times alternate with expressions of love and affection, only to reoccur again and again. When confronted with their behavior, the abuser tends to become angry and blame the victim for the abuser's behavior. The emotional abuser allows the victim no criticism or input into what goes on in the relationship.Emotional abuse is when someone is calling another names; telling them constantly they will never make anything of themselves or no one will want them and just basically putting them down at every chance the emotional abuser gets. The victim of the abuse will lose their confidence; eventually believe what their emotional abuser is saying and often the victim will become depressed and remain extremely quiet in most social situations.emotinal abuse is the calling names, ignoring, or saying mean things to the child like "i would have gotten an abortion if i was aloud" or "why didnt i give you up for adoption when i had the chance"

Is a verbal abuser considered a sociopath?

sometimes a verbal abuser can be consider a sociopath they get involve and like the dirty talk and begin to make them feel and enjoy group talk that is abusive.

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