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How do you make your nose smaller efficiently without cosmetic surgery?

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Q: How do you make your nose smaller efficiently without cosmetic surgery?
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How do you get rid of the bump on the bridge of your nose without cosmetic surjery?

There is no way to get rid of the bump on a person's nose without undergoing cosmetic surgery. That bump is actually an upturned portion of a person's nasal bone, and there is no way to fix that without surgery.

How can you make your lips look smaller?

Yes, you can. If you were a light, more skin colour lipstick tone, your lips can looke smaller. Shocking red makes your lips look bigger; the opposite makes them look smaller. (Without cosmetic surgery)

Are there any tips or special methods to get smaller breasts without surgery and preferably without weight loss?

Are there ways to have smaller breast without surgery or exercise?

Do I have to have a physical or a medical examination to find out if it is okay for me to have cosmetic surgery?

Yes it is. No doctor will do surgery without checking your health first.

Why is cosmetic surgery a bad idea?

Anyone considering cosmetic surgery must have considered all the risks and complications as well as the benefits. Cosmetic surgery is a bad idea for those who rush in without considering all of the facts first. No body should get cosmetic surgery for one if god wanted u that way he would of made u that way but he didnt so dont be going changing yourself around!

What are influences of cosmetic surgery?

The media are blamed for influencing cosmetic surgery as they scramble to find out who has had cosmetic surgery and report it. This tends to lead to " copy cat" surgery where people seek out similar enhancements. Breast augmentation surgery would be a good example of this. There is also pressure in the workplace to keep looking good to either stay in the top jobs or boost your career. Many people are opting for cosmetic surgery as it is perceived as an investment in their future. Cosmetic surgery is also advertised freely across all media in most countries. It is very accessible nd without having to have a referral from your family Doctor. As the numbers of cosmetic surgery procedures rises each year , so do the numbers of Patients that are referred by others who have had surgery. It is now socially acceptable to discuss and show off what you have had done. This open attitude to cosmetic surgery has fuelled demand even further.

What makes your nipples smaller without surgery?


Is cosmetic surgery just a modern method to improve your appearance?

This honest answer is yes. People are just using cosmetic surgery as to achieve their desired looks, like an image makeover. I'm sure that all the people who have undergone cosmetic surgery did not really need it. Without it they would not have been disabled, or their situation would not have been life threatening.

What is positive about cosmetic surgery?

Cosmetic surgery is a great confidence booster in most cases. When a perceived physical imperfection is holding someone back, such as sticky out ears or bags underneath the eyes, it can affect things such as personal relationships. In these circumstances cosmetic surgery can be life changing. People in such situations tend to feel they can move on and enjoy life more after surgery, without the embarrassment that this imperfection caused before. After cosmetic surgery many people take a new pride in their appearance and are driven to improve other aspects of their lives as a result of a positive surgery experience

How do you make your feet smaller without plastic surgery?

You should study the ancient Chinese, they made there feet smaller without surgery. But it did make the feet look awkward, and was very painful.

How old do i need to be to have cosmetic surgery?

Most states that require that a person be 18 to have cosmetic surgery without parental permission. With parental permission, there really is no minimum age but certain procedures (such as rhinoplasty) should not be performed on a person who is still developing.

Is there a way to make your breasts smaller without surgery?

not that i have ever heard of!

How do you make your breast smaller if your already skinny?

You can't without surgery.

How can you make your nose look smaller without makeup?

plastic surgery

How do you make your nose smaller without surgery or makeup?

You can't make your nose smaller without surgery, but you can make it look smaller. One method is to apply contour color (powder or cream--powder is generally easier to apply) to either side of the nose and under the tip of the nose.

How do you make yourself smaller height wise without surgery?

don't wear high heels.

Why might one get a cosmetic ear surgery?

The most common reason for cosmetic ear surgery is to correct a deformity. People may be born without an ear, or may have lost an ear in an accident and need to reattach the severed ear or have new one constructed. Other conditions are torn ear lobes or misshaped ears.

Is it possible to make your feet smaller?

well without surgery no... but people in china used to wrap and bind there feet when they were young to make them stay smaller.

How do you make your breasts smaller naturally without surgery or pills?

when you lose weight your breast decrease in size

Do you have to tell you work your having cosmetic surgery?

Not really. You may be excused from work under medical reasons without going into specifications. This fall under medical privilege.

How do you get smaller feet with out surgery?

well you can do painful footbind it would be a very painful process without surgery most people who do it without had their feet bound when they were infants i recommend staying with your natural foot size. ing

collagen injection in lips?

Collagen injection in your lips adds volume without surgery. Here is a link to more information about the cosmetic procedure: How many injections does it take to have fuller lips i have skinny lips i hate them i am a guy so not to big want medium full lips

Is there anything ethically wrong with getting plastic surgery?

This has been the subject of great debate for many years. There is no doubt that cosmetic surgery can change lives. It can make people feel much better about themselves and they can get on with the rest of their lives without worrying about some aspect of their appearance. The issue is when cosmetic surgery is taken to extremes and some people seem to develop an addiction to change. This results in them appearing outside of the Plastic Surgeons office regularly to have something done.

How do you get permanent bigger eyes without makeup or surgery?

It isn't genetically possibly to make your eyes bigger without makeup or cosmetic surgery. The only way to make your eyes look bigger is just to get plenty of rest. Enough sleep will rid you of dark circles making your eyes looking slightly bigger.

How can you get a smaller nose without using make up and surgery and piecing please help?

you do daily exercises to help slim it down