How do you make your skin rainbow in blockland?

Updated: 8/20/2019
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Q: How do you make your skin rainbow in blockland?
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How do you get Rainbow player on Blockland?

you hold ctrl+w then you paint the rainbow paint

How do you get the rainbow player add-on for Blockland?

Delete System32

How on Blockland do you make a helicopter?

find one of the blockland sites

Did Roblox Make Blockland?


How do you make hats for blockland?

You can't.

Why won't blockland start?

Make sure your driver is up to date. Try to ask help from the people of the Blockland Forums.

How do you make a pong on blockland?

Byuilding and eventing one.

How do you make add-ons for blockland?

Depends on what addon you want to make...

How do you downlod Blockland village?

You have to go to Return To Blockland to download stuff for Blockland.

What is the key code for blockland?

Blockland generate key online:

How do you get addons on blockland?

You can get Addons from either: -Blockland Fourm's Add-On Page -Return To Blockland

How do you download songs on Blockland?

You go to Return To Blockland (RTB) where you can download anything for Blockland.