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If your voice is in the video portion of the project in Windows Movie Maker, then you can use the Speed Up, Double effect on it (up to 3 times). But, you can't speed up the Audio/Music track with the effect unfortunately.

To speed up audio, you will need to edit the file on an external audio editor before importing it into the program.

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Q: How do you make your voice sound like a chipmunk on windows movie maker?
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Is there a USB external sound card that is compatible with Windows Movie Maker?

Any USB sound card that works in Windows will work with Windows Movie Maker.

How do you make chipmunk music on windows movie maker?

If you are asking how to speed up the audio to sound like a Chipmunk, that's easy. Simply add the Speed up, doubleeffect several times to the clip. Preview to hear the results.

Where can you get wolf sound effects for windows movie maker?

Try 'Sound America' for a wolf sound. (Google Sound America for the link). Audio in .wma or .mp3 format can be imported/edited in Windows Movie Maker.

How do you take the sound off the storyboard part of Windows Movie Maker?

You can't take the sound off the Storyboard section in Windows Movie Maker. All that type of editing has to be done in the Time-line view.

When can you get an echo sound effect for Windows Movie Maker?

Rehanfx has many plug-in effects for Windows Movie Maker. You should check the site out to search for an echo effect:

How do you get sound on pivot animator 2.25?

You don't. You save it as a gif, and add sound with windows movie maker.

How do you put video on windows movie maker without sound?

You can't open WMM (windows movie maker) unless you have a sound card installed on you computer and speakers (internal/external) available.(I believe that is what is being asked?)

Why will windows movie maker play the sound but not the video?

some videos will not work with windows movie maker because they are mp4s and need to be changed to a different files to be able to edit on WMM

How do you add your voice on movie maker?

You can only add you voice to a project if you have the narrate feature with your Windows Movie Maker. If you are using Windows Live Movie Maker, then the feature is NOT available. If you don't have the Narrate feature available, then use your Windows sound recorder and you microphone to narrate. Create narration files (sound files) that can be imported into Windows Movie Maker. Then simply place the audio in the desired spot on the audio/music track in your project.

How do you make a You Tube video lIke with sound and pictues and words sliding acroos the screen?

You have to use windows movie maker and windows DVD maker. Both comes with WIndows.

My Windows live movie maker wont record sound how do i fix that?

ask it politely.

How do you get sound effects on Windows Live Movie Maker?

You can't. Windows Live Movie Maker is a stripped-down version of 2.6. Microsoft though it would be easier for users so they came up with Windows Live Movie Maker. Unfortunately, you are missing many features that the older version had.

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