How do you make yourself orange on Gmail chat?

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don't use gmail for a while. meaning keep the gmail page open and logged in and do other stuff like just do something on google or play games or whatever... then, go to your gmail after 5 minutes or 15 minutes. !Remember! it needs to be opened and you're supposed to be logged in
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Can Gmail chat with AIM?

\nYes you can use gmail to chat on AIM. You go to settings then chat. At the bottom you have AIM you can choose to do it then you can chat with your friends on AIM.\n. \n~Kgirl\n. \n Kkumagai 20:13, 22 Jan 2009 (UTC)

How do you do a group chat in Gmail Chat?

To group chat, when you are chatting with someone, press "options". Also, there is a button that says "group chat". Then you type in the third persons' gmail address.

Is chatting on Gmail safe?

Well, the only way it WOULDN'T be safe is if someone was reading over the person you're chatting with or your own shoulder, or if someone knew the password to either of your accounts.

Did Gmail make a ultra chat?

Gmail does have a one on one with your contacts chat, but you can go to the options and click add person, than add the people you want to, and you have a full on chat room with all the people you invited

How do you chat on Gmail?

If you have contacts, when someone is online ( they must be a gmail user) you'll see a green dot next to it and if you click on them you can chat.

How do you have a video chat using your Gmail?

Enable Chat in settings, then mouse over the contact you want to chat with. They must be using Gmail, and have chat enabled. However, if you'll click the little green icon next to the settings link, you can configure chat to also sign into AIM.

How do you delete a chat contact on Gmail?

Follow these steps to remove a contact from Gmail chat. . First click the word Gmail found under the Google search bar on the left hand side of the screen. The second tab down will say contacts. Click that. . Now a new screen will show up. Click on the box located next to the name of the person yo ( Full Answer )

What are some hidden icons on gmail chat?

(=00! EM0+E$!!!!! :-x :{ } :( :(|) +/'\ >.< V.v.V ~@~ \m/ [:|] ;^) :-) =) =( :( B-) x-( :-o :- :* :(|) \m/ IF YOU WANT TO DO BOLD DO THIS * AROUND SENTENCES, PHRASES OR WORDS IF YOU WANT TO CROSS SOMETHING OUT DO -BEFORE AND AFTER WHAT YOU WANT TO CROSS OUT- IF YOU WANT TO DO ITALICS DO _ ARO ( Full Answer )

How do you do italic letters in Gmail chat?

Use underscores before and after the word. Type: Oh _really_ for a try. :) And for bold you do * before and after the word(s). For example: If you wanted this: "I absolutely adore junebugs." You would do: I *absolutely* _adore_ junebugs. Or if you want it bold AND italic : "I wished that ( Full Answer )

How do you use Gmail voice and chat mail?

Once you installed it, in the chat area, by your name, you should have a green camera. If your friends have the same sign then start chatting with them. In the chat it will have a tab that says video and more, press on start video chat or start voice chat. You then talk to each other by webcam.

Can Gmail chat with hotmail?

Well I have a Gmail and one of my friends have a Hot mail and I told my other friend, if people that have a Gmail can chat with people that have Hot mail and she said that you can chat with anybody, she also said that she has a Gmail and her cousin has a Yahoo and she could still CHAT with her. So ( Full Answer )

What cameras can do video chat on Gmail?

you can use any type of camara EX:a Chinese cell phone,a laptop's web cam ,many other you cant use a real web cam used to shot videos

How do you chat in Gmail chat?

First, you have to make sure that someone is online. They have to be a gmail user. When the dot next to their name is green on the left side of your screen, just click on their name and a little screen will pop up. Type in the little box at the bottom of the screen, and then when you are done, press ( Full Answer )

How do you put colors in a Gmail chat?

You can't at the moment. On the other hand, you put special characters around words to get the following effects: - bold : *foo* - italic: _foo_ - strickthrough: -foo- Combinations work : bold italic for instance : _*foo*_

What are all the icons for chatting on Gmail?

( or :-( = sad face :P or :-) = smiley face :-D = super-happy face, with big smile :-)~ = sticking out your tongue at the other person :'( = a crying person :B = sunglasses dude :( :(|) :{ :* :-o x-( >.< ;)

How do you make the cat Gmail emotion for chat?

Well i think there's no such "cat" smiley in chat... if you want to know others then go here check this pic out: ( Full Answer )

How do you invite someone to video chat with on Gmail?

To video chat with someone on gmail you have to make sure that they have video chat. To do this you need to look @ their icon. If it's a video camera option they can video chat with you. If you click chat and then underneath of where you type click on video and more and click on the arrow that is fa ( Full Answer )

How do you use video chatting on Gmail?

The key point is to contact with whom you want to video chat in thechat list, then click on the video camera icon displayed next totheir details. Google Hangouts will soon ask your friend to join avideo call.

What are all the Gmail chat secrets?

Gmail secrets will never end, since Gmail is a alive and always changing. But I can answer the secrets we have right now. Here are the smileys: :) :( :{ [:|] :(:) :(|) ~@~ :* :D

Gmail How make Gmail letters larger?

Well, this is what i do- 1. Click compose mail like your going to right a email. 2. Then look at the little tool bar and there will be a little T and a big T like this TT(expect one will be bigger). 3. Then you can pick from Small, Normal, Large, Huge. Hope this helped!

How do you have a video chat on Gmail?

To have a video chat on Gmail, 1. Create a gmail account 2. When you have created an account, add to your address book the email address(es) of the person(s) you want to talk with (they must have an gmail account too). 3. Make sure both you and the person you want to talk with have webcams ( Full Answer )

Can you take photos during video chat on Gmail?

press: command, shift, 4 on an apple computer, it brings up a crosshair that replaces the mouse arrow. you draw the frame and it takes it and puts it to desktop

Where can you download video chat for Gmail?

you go on your gmail and press someone to chat with they don't have to be online though then press the video camera under the other persons name and then you press install voice video chat and then a website will come up that says install video chat press that and then it will install it but it dos ( Full Answer )

How do you we make Gmail?

well i just made some thing here but 2 you dose that make sene do you we what

How do you make yourself invisible on facebook chat?

First you click on the chat icon. Next you click options and then click " go offline". You can also see who is online without appearing online on facebook chat by accessing this app . Now you are completely invisible .

Can you make yourself invisible from chat when your online on facebook?

Yes. To make yourself invisible to certain people, you first need to make a group (from the home screen) of people that you don't want to see you. After that, go into chat. To the right of each title of each group there's what looks like a green switch. If you click that, it turns to grey, and you g ( Full Answer )

How do you unhide someone on chat list on Gmail?

just log into your gmail account on a computer, sign onto chat, type the person's name into the search box in chat. you will see a drop down box, there is an option on the right hand side "SHOW IN CHAT LIST", click to enable.

How do you chat on a Gmail account?

At the middle left there is a box.Type the username of your friend there but do not enter it.Click invite to chat.Make sure that the address or username is correct!Then the request will be on his/her gmail account.If he/she will accept it,you are able to chat with him/her.

What is the camera icon on gmail chat mean?

On Gmail chat, if the camera icon is green, it means that they areavailable to chat and have a camera attached. If it is just a greendot, it means they are not available.

Are there chat features on Gmail?

Absolutly! It is required though to have a free gmail account. the people you chat with also must have free gmail accounts. there is also a ton of new features to use such as group chat and emotions.

What are some of the best features of gmail chat?

One of the best features for gmail chat is that it can be used directly from your email account. You also have the option to save all of your chat history in the case that you may want to go back to retrieve information you have received previously.

Does google gmail support online chat?

Absolutely. In gmail, there is an online chat application on one of the sidebars that you can use. Just add your desired contacts and you can begin chatting with them just like any other networking program. This way, if you were about to send an email to a friend, but noticed they were online, you c ( Full Answer )

How do you know if someone is online in gmail chat?

You know if someone is online because on their name it would have a green icon which means they're online. But if their name has got a orange icon then that means that they are online BUT they haven't moved or or done anything on it yet because either they are on another tab maybe! Also if they' ( Full Answer )

How can you remove someone on Gmail chat?

Go to that someone on your chat list . ID/ or info of that person should pop up in a little box . Click on 'More' in the box . Click on 'Never Show' if you just want it out of your chat list . Click on 'Block' for probably blocking that person (I don't know-just assuming-I've never had to block ( Full Answer )

Is Gmail video chat safe?

Yes. I downloaded the plugin for video months ago and nothing bad has happened to my computer. It is very private because before someone can chat with you you have to accept their chat invite.

Italics in Gmail chat?

You put underscores around your text, like this: "_italics_" and it will change. Other handy ones are dashes for strikethrough and asterisks for bold.

How does a Gmail group chat work?

One person will log onto their Gmail account and click on the sidebar where there will be people lit up with a green dot next to them. That is where the person will click on them and talk!

How reliable is the Gmail chat function?

The G-mail chat function is fairly reliable, but it certainly isn't the best instant-messaging client out there. I recommend Skype, because not only does it support instant messaging, but also voice and video chat.