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don't use gmail for a while. meaning keep the gmail page open and logged in and do other stuff like just do something on Google or play games or whatever... then, go to your gmail after 5 minutes or 15 minutes. !Remember! it needs to be opened and you're supposed to be logged in

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โˆ™ 2011-07-27 03:39:31
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Q: How do you make yourself orange on Gmail chat?
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How do you get rid of orange clock on Gmail?

There is no orange clock in Gmail. It might be a theme which is present in the Gmail. You can make it to default theme.

How do you video chat on a PC and on Gmail?

You can easily video chat on a PC on Gmail. The video chat option is available on opening the chat of person. The video sign is the one which can make the video chat start.

How do you make the words on Gmail chat underlined?

You can make words on Gmail underlined. You can do that by underlining shortcut. The shortcut for it is Control and U.

How do you make a friends list on Gmail?

You can send chat request to your friends on GMail if you know their email address.

Did Gmail make a ultra chat?

Gmail does have a one on one with your contacts chat, but you can go to the options and click add person, than add the people you want to, and you have a full on chat room with all the people you invited

How can you make Gmail account for you?

You can make a Gmail account for yourself easily. You just have to register using the Gmail information. You have to also agree to the terms and conditions.

How do you invite someone to video chat with on Gmail?

To video chat with someone on gmail you have to make sure that they have video chat. To do this you need to look @ their icon. If it's a video camera option they can video chat with you. If you click chat and then underneath of where you type click on video and more and click on the arrow that is facing up and click start video chat.(to get video chat installed sign into gmail and click on settings and click on chat. Scroll down to Voice and Video Chat. Click learn more and it will take you through the process of installing it. It's free).

How do you make your own email like gmail and Yahoo Mail i want to make it for my website i am going to create after i know how to do this?

contact me at easycoder(at) to chat about this

How do you whisper on zwinky?

Click on the person you want to whisper to/That is whispering to you Click "Whisper" Make sure your chat bar is orange, if not then you are in public chat.

How do you have a video chat on Gmail?

To have a video chat on Gmail, 1. Create a gmail account 2. When you have created an account, add to your address book the email address(es) of the person(s) you want to talk with (they must have an gmail account too). 3. Make sure both you and the person you want to talk with have webcams set up on your computers and that they are registered with Google (when you are in your gmail account, you can register your webcam. It's a simple process) 4. Click the person's profile that you want to talk to (they should have a green video camera icon by their name), and click "video chat".

On Club Penguin how do you get the chat?

The chat? Easy! When you make yourself a penguin, you can use standard safe chat or the other one. Standard safe chat allows you to TYPE messages to other players.

How do you make your girlfriend feel special on chat?

Chat with her and her ONLY. Make yourself invisible to others and what not. Nothing will make her feel LESS special than taking you 5 minutes to reply a simple 'yes' or 'no'. ;)

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