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You don't make zinc -- you find it. It is a naturally occurring element. It cannot be made, only isolated from other things.

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Q: How do you make zinc?
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How we can make zinc powder from zinc metal-?

To make zinc powder from zinc metal, the zinc metal will have to be crushed.

What metals are in zinc?

zinc is a raw element it is just zinc no metals are combined to make zinc

What do sulfur and zinc make?

Zinc sulfide.

What do zinc and oxygen make?


What does zinc added with copper sulphide make?

Copper and Zinc make Brass

What does coper and zinc make?

Copper and zinc make the metal alloy brass.

What salt do sulphuric acid and zinc oxide make?

They make zinc sulfate.

What do you make if you burn zinc oxide?

zinc and oxygen

What does zinc and Sulphur make?

Zinc sulfide or sulfate.

How we can make zinc powder from zinc metal?

Yes, by grinding the zinc metal you can get the zinc powder. Which type of grinder we can use

Does zinc oxide and sulfuric acid make zinc sulphate?

It makes zinc sulphate and hydrogen

What elements make zinc carbonate?


How do you make zinc carbonate?

Zinc dioxide + Carbon dioxide

What elements make up zinc oxide?

zinc and oxygen

What compound does zinc and chlorine make?

It makes Zinc Chloride.

What substances make zinc chloride?

Zinc and chlorine. ZnCl2.

What does copper and zinc?

Copper and zinc are alloyed to make brass.

Can zinc make cans?

no. but tin (Sn) can make cans zinc is used to make dry cells or batteries

What is zinc plus bromine make?

Zinc plus bromine makes a simple compound its zinc bromine

What is a mixture of copper and zinc?

copper and zinc mix to make brass

What does hydrochloric acid and zinc make?

its makes Zinc Chloride + hydrogen

When did they make zinc penny?

1922 that's when they put zinc in pennies

What does zinc and sulphuric acid make?

hydrogen gas and zinc sulphate

How do you make zinc on alchemy droid?


Can zinc be used to make tractor parts?

Pure zinc, very probable: no.