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Q: How do you manage wound?
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How you are going to manage bleeding stomatitis as a consequence of treatment with gefitinib?

place pressure on the wound put a bandage over it put a antiseptic cream on it clean around and on the wound

Are the front drivers side and passenger side seat belts interchangeable for a 2000 Cavalier.?

NOPE the reels are wound in different directions and the inertia weights won't function if you manage to get them to fit.

Homograph of wound?

verb - wound as in "I wound the thread around the spool." noun - wound as in "His wound needs dressing."

What heteronym means an injury or to coil something?

Wound. As in you wound something around (coiled), or you received a wound (an injury.)

What can you get from an open wound infection?

swelling of the wound,pus in the wound ,pain,redness

Abdominal wound and bowel can be seen in the wound. what action would you take?

Abdominal wound and bowel can be seen in the wound. what action would you take?

How was Howard Bad Wound related to Young Bad Wound?

I heard from one of Yound Bad Wounds descendants that Howard Bad Wound was a cousin to Robert Bad Wound. I believe Robert Bad Wound was a son of Young Bad Wound.

What wound does Siddhartha have?

a wound of not being happy

Which animals can get tetanus?

By contamination of an infected wound such as if feces get in the wound or the wound is caused by something rusty

Hissing sounds from a chest wound indicates what?

An Open Chest Wound (Sucking Chest Wound)

How do you bandage an open chest wound?

If you are not sure if a chest wound has penetrated the chest wall completely, treat the wound as though it were an open chest wound.

What is a sentence for wound?

The wound was very deep. Wound spread quickly and infested.