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How do you manually eject a DVD from a player?

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If you are referring to a PC CD or DVD unit, then you'll need a straightened paper clip. On the front of the unit is a small hole. Push the straightened paper clip straight into the hole and it will release the CD / DVD.

2006-09-19 15:42:59
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How do you manually eject a DVD from a DVD player?

To manually eject a DVD from a DVD player, you push the button that either says 'eject' or has a little picture of a triangle on top of a straight line. This button is usually right beside the tray for the DVD to go into. A2 If there is no power, you can do it manually. Most DVD drawers have a small pin hole provided somewhere on the front of the drawer. Unfold a paper clip and poke a straight bit into the hole. Press gently and firmly until the draw starts to move and then assist it open, by pulling on the drawer once you can get your fingers on it..

Aveis DVD PLayer not ejecting the tray?

Keep on trying to eject it out with remote or manually on the unit. When it does eject the tray out. Always leave a disk inside the tray. don't leave it empty for seems it more likely to eject out that way. Model I was using was DP202AS pROGRESSIVE SCAN DVD PLAYER.

Why does a DVD player have an eject button when you still have to approach the DVD player and remove it?

incase there is a problem with the DVD or player

Why does my Samsung DVD player eject the DVD?

If your Samsung DVD player tends to eject the DVD when you put it in, this suggests some sort of damage either to the player or the disk. The lens on the player may be dirty or the disc may be scratched.

How do you manually eject a DVD from a car DVD player?

Assumptions: * You are trying to do this on a front loading "slot" type DVD player * The DVD player does not have a small "pinhole" on the front which would normally be used for manually ejecting discs. * The DVD player is a type that will eject discs if it can not read them for any reason. I was able to get my DVD out by: # Shut off the DVD player # Carefully slide a piece of thick paper (postcard thickness) as far into the DVD slot as you can. It will probably go in only a couple inches max. # Turn on the DVD player # Wait about 20 - 30 seconds. The DVD player should have trouble reading the disc because it is not spinning, thus it will report an error and eject the disc. # If this doesn't work, odds are you don't have the paper in far enough so you are not preventing it from spinning. There is no guarantee that this process won't harm your DVD player and/or disc so attempt at your own risk. I can tell you that I've done this several times without damage to either.

DVD player will not eject DVD?

Either the player is damaged somewhere and cannot function properly, or the disc carriage is jammed

How do you remove a DVD from a DVD player?

press eject wich looks like a line and a triangle above it

How do you eject a DVD from a luxor TV DVD combi TV?

how to eject a dvd from a luxor tv dvd combi tv

DVD player wont eject?

Look for a small hole near the DVD drawer. You should be able to insert a straightened paper clip into this hole and force the disk to eject.

Where is the DVD on a 2002 RX300 navigation system?

The DVD player is located in the spare tire well. It's mounted under the rear flooring to the right side of the tire, behind the jack. To eject the DVD, slide the switch cover on the front left side of the player (this opens the DVD slot) and press recessed button. The DVD will then eject.

How do you unlock your sony dvp-sr520p dvd player?

eject locked show.

How do you remove the CD player from Toyota Highlander 2011?

the dvd player ejects ok but the cd eject does not work it has a cd installed can not get it out you can hear a buzzing as it trys to eject any help would be grateful this unit has the dvd map display

How do you eject DVD from a MacBook Pro?

On the top right of your keyboard should be an eject button with the usual triangle with a stripe under; Holding that will eject your DVD.

How do you manually eject a CD from JVC car stereo?

You can manually eject a CD from a JVC car stereo by pressing the CD and CD eject button at the same time for at least 2 seconds. The word eject will flash and at this point the CD can be ejected.

Why won't my MAC let me eject the CD?

you might have to go to the hard drive, go to the CD & manually eject it. instead of just pressing the eject button.

Why does DVD player continue to try and eject when disc is removed?

Sounds like either the player needs to be unplugged and then replugged, or has a malfunctioning part

Eject in a sentence?

My mother told me to eject the DVD, so she could put it away in the case.

How do you replace a Prius navigation system DVD?

the gps DVD player is under the driver seat (in my 2006 prius). access it from the rear floor behind the driver seat. take off the front cover (no tools), engage the DVD eject button (top left of the player) and load the new DVD. close the eject mechanism and replace the front cover and choose your geographical area from the dash screen.

Where is navigation DVD located in Nissan Maxima 2007 to change disc Where is the DVD player physically located to eject old and insert new DVD with maps?

The navigation DVD should be in your owners pack you received when you bought the car

What is the reason your DVD rom not eject?

behkater kesheshe

Dvd won't eject 2005 Honda odyssey?

i had the same problem on my 05 touring. Try to disconnect the car battery for a few days, that will reset the DVD player. It worked for me.

How do you disconnect an iPod touch from a computer?

You can either click the eject button by the iPod menu in iTunes, manually eject it from the computer by doing what your computer normally does to eject a flash drive, or you can just unplug it.

How do you open your DVD holder on your hp?

Click on Start Menu, then click on Computer, then right click on DVD drive and select Eject from drop down menu. If that does not work, get a paper clip and open it up on one end and poke it in the small hole on the DVD drive cover to manually open it. RLB

How do you remove a CD or DVD drive?

Do you mean you want to eject CD/DVD Drive? If you can't remove or eject it by push "arrow" button, just go to Disk Utility which plug-in Mac, then find the CD/DVD Drive name, choose it then click Eject button to remove it. And if you're using Windows, simply go to My Computer and locate your CD/DVD drive, right click on it and select on Eject from the shortcut menu.

What is the procedure to input the data from the Update CD for the Navigation System on a 2006 Prius?

it's a DVD, not a CD, so don't put it in the CD player. look under the driver seat and you will find the gps DVD player. access it from the rear floor behind the driver seat. remove the cover-- no tools-- eject the old DVD and load the new one. close the eject mechanism and replace the cover.