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It depends on the length of the beard. If it is short, then when you stroke the throat and face, be sure to follow the directions of the hairs. This is easy to do if you fan your hands out to the sides and stroke along the chin towards the ears.

If the beard is long (ZZ Top style) then stroke lightly under the chin, follow the beard out to where it is lying on the chest, and then stroke even more lightly as you make your way onto the face. This is easy to do if you imagine the beard as an extension of the person and treat it as a part of their body, more like a part of their character that they identify with, so accentuate it. It will likely bring a smile to their face.

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The bearded man in monopoly, his name is Mr. monopoly?

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down bearded is a very soft beard like the kind a young man would have.

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A down-bearded youth is a young man who has only recently, or perhaps not yet begun to shave, and so his beard is soft and downy.

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