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How do you measure a free-form pool liner?

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To measure a free-form pool line start by measuring from a corner to the finished depth. Measure the width by starting from the bead to the coping.

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How much pool liner do you allow at top for overlap pools?

That normally depends on where you are getting the liner from, but in most cases, you measure the pool diameter and actual pool wall height. When you order the liner, let the liner manufacturer know the liner is for an above-ground pool with an overlap liner. The liner manufacturer will then make the pool wall enough longer to allow several inches of liner material to fold over the top of the pool wall and anchor it in place with the liner locking strips.

Where can one buy a pool liner?

There are many places where one can buy a pool liner. One can buy a pool liner at popular on the web sources such as Liner World, USA Pool Pros, and National Pool Wholesalers.

Pool Liner?

form_title= Pool Liner form_header= Replace or install a liner for your pool. Do you need to replace an existing liner?*= () Yes () No Is it an in-ground or above-ground pool?*= () In Ground () Above Ground What is the size of your pool?*= _ [50]

Does a pool liner pad stop an existing leak?

The pool liner pad is placed underneath the pool liner to prevent items from cutting through the liner. If the liner is already leaking, the liner pad will not stop the leak.

How do you turn a fully concrete liner pool into a fully concrete pool with out a liner?

by taking the liner away!

Can you paint a pool liner?

When you say a "pool liner" I am assuming you mean a vinyl liner as normally called a liner for short. If so then no, the liner cannot and should not be painted.

What is a overlap pool liner?

Overlap refers to just that... the liner overlaps the top of the pool. The other option is a hung liner, where the liner locks into a track..

How do you measure the height of a round above the ground pool for a beaded liner?

Pie times the radius squared

How do you get the Measurements for a round above pool for a new liner?

The easiest way is to simply measure across the pool as close to the center line as you can. Also, measure from several different spots to get the closest average. If you need the measurement for around the outside of the pool the you would want to measure the diameter (the distance from one side to the other) as close to the center as you can and multiply that distance (in inches) time 3.1415. For example, if the pool measure 12 feet across (144 inches) then the distance around the pool would be 452.3 inches. The pool liner supplier will most likely just need the diameter and the height of the pool.

What is a freeform pool?

a free form pol is a pool that is made in any shape that suits the builder or the situation where it needs to fit.

How can you keep your vinyl pool liner from pulling out?

liner lock

Is there any products to use to prolong the life of my pool liner?

There are a number of products you can use to prolong the life of your pool. You could install a wall foam between your pool wall and the liner to keep a smooth surface next to your liner to help prevent punctures. You could purchase a liner pad or pool padding for the bottom of your pool. And you can invest in vinyl liner repair kits to repair the small punctures and prolong the life of your liner.

What kind of pool is better a liner pool or a concrete pool?

Generally, a liner pool is cheaper to install and operate, especially in areas that may freeze in the winter. Hatawa

Removing stains on vinyl salt water pool liner?

I have a build up of salt on my pool liner in the deep end of my pool, how can I get this broke up to clean my pool.

Is a rectangular shaped pool easier to clean than a freeform pool?

no not necessarily. if the walls of a free form pool are steep enough that debris sinks to one area, then it is easy to do a weekly maintenance on. however, every so often you need to vacuum the whole liner, or brush it down with a wall brush to ensure cleanliness. my opinion . no not at all.

Can you replace a pool liner without taking the top rail off?

Only if the A/G pool has a beaded liner. If it is an overlap liner, there's no way around it.

How do you clean a liner?

Ocean liner? Truck/SUV cargo liner? Pond liner? Trash liner? Chimney liner? Pool liner? Helmet liner? Panty liner? Dirty one-liner?

How do different color liners affect blueness of pool water?

The pool water draws its color from the liner. If you buy a white liner, then the pool water will not be blue. If you use a light blue liner, then the pool will be light blue. In my opinion, the best liner is a darker blue liner with ripples on it. Your pool will look gorgeous and inviting and the ripple effect makes it difficult to see any dirt in your pool. A solid color liner lets you see everything, which isn't always pretty.

Swimming Pool Liner Installation?

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What to do if sand is in the pool?

Well i have a pool myself, and sand is not wanted in it. The rocks in it can puncture the liner (if it has a liner). You should vacuum it out with a pool vacuum. Hope i helped

How do you put the swimming pool liner back to its place with water in the pool?

You don't! Water must be emptied, liner reset in place and pool refilled

Can you rehang the liner on your above-ground pool if it fell over in the winter?

You can rehang the liner on your above-ground pool if it fell over in the winter but you will need to remove the pool corner caps, the rail, and all of the water. You can then re-stretch the pool liner and refill the pool.

Will a chlorine burn on the pool liner cause the liner to crack?


Do you need anything under the pool liner?

Sand is normally put under the pool liner to create a smoother surface.

How do you get air pockets from behind the pool liner for below ground pools?

air pocket behind pool liner inground