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I assume that the 15x20 is already in yards. That says that the room is a square that is 15 yards on one set of parallel sides and 20 yards on the other set of parallel sides.

To find the square yards of the room, you simply multiply 15 yards and 20 yards.

15 yards x 20 yards = 300 square yards.

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How many square yards of carpet is needed for a 15x20 room?

15ft x 20ft= 5yards x 20/3yards 100/3 sq yards =33.3333333333 sq yards

If a room is 15x20 how many square feet is that?

300 square feet (15 x 20 = 300).

How many square yards in a 9x12 room?

If the room is 9 yards wide by 12 yards long, then 108 square yards.

How many square yards are in 20x14 room?

A 20' by 14' room measures 31.1 square yards.

What unit would you use to measure a room?

rooms are generally measured in 'square feet'. Take the length of the room multiplied by the width to get this measurement. materials used to cover walls and floors can be measured in square feet or square yards. to get square yards, divide the total square feet by 9.

How many square yards are in 252 square foot room?

252 square feet = 252/9 square yards = 28 square yards

How many sqare feet in a room room that is 24 sqare yards?

1 square yard = 9 square feet 2 square yards = 18 square feet 3 square yards = 27 square feet . . . 24 square yards = 216 square feet

How many square yards is a 9ft by 7ft room?

In yards, the room is 3 yards by 7/3 yards. By multiplying those numbers together, you see that the area is 7 square yards.

How do you calculate linear feet to square yards?

The two are different units of measure. Linear feet is a distance BETWEEN two points. Square yards is an AREA, such as the area of a living room. Linear feet is one dimensional. Square yards is two dimensional.

How many square yards in 17 x 9 room?

If it is a 17 yard by 9 yard room then 153 square yards!

A room has an area of 48 square yards. what is the area of the room in square feet?

To convert from square yards to square feet - simply multiply by 9 ! Therefore the answer is 432 !

How many square yards in a room size 14ft by 12ft?

There is a total of about 18.67 sq. yards in the room.

How many square yards in a 12x27 foot room?

12x27=324divided by 3=108 square yards <><><> There are NINE sq ft in a square yard. 3ft by 3 ft. There are 36 sq yards in the room.

How many square yards in a 12ft x 15ft room?

That's a total of 20 square yards.

What is the square yard of a room that is 15ftx15ft?

25 square yards in a 15' x 15' room.

If you have a room that is 240 square yards and you add on 4 yards by 8 yards what is the total area of the room in yards?

4 yards * 8 yards = 32 square yards. So the total area goes from 240 sq yds to 240+32 = 272 sq yards.

How many square yards in a room 20 x 12?

There are 9 square feet in a square yard. A room 20 x 12 has 240 square feet. Divide that by 9 and you get 26.67 square yards.

If a room has 144 sq feet how many sq yards?

144 square feet = 16 square yards.

What is the square yards in room 32 feet by 22?

32 feet by 22 feet is 78.2 square yards.

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