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How do you meow like a cat?



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ok so itll take hard work and perserverance. im going to be blunt with you, you might spend years trying to perfect your technique and u may NOT see satisfactory results. anyhow, with this warning out of the way, I will now, without further ado, give you my secrets for effectively, efficiently, and most importantly, accurately reproducing the noises a cat makes with he or she meows.

-youll need proper nutrition. plently of tumeric and salt. without nutrition, you WILL NOT be able to meow like a cat!

-NEVER EVER practice your meow routines before lunch! always wait until AFTER LUNCH!

-breath deeply before every meow and try youyr hardest to produce low, gutteral sounds that originate deep in your stomach. this will loosen the vocal cords. this is an essential technique if you want to MEOW LIKE A CAT!

-lastly, get plently of rest. meowing is hard work. aim for at least 9 HOURS OF SLEEP... EVERY NIGHT!!!!!!!!

happy meowing

If you want to meow like a kitten, they say " mew " really high pitched. It helps to tighten your throat when you say it... (if that makes any sense :D) I tried many times to try and get my cats attention by meowing..but it never seemed to work..Haha!