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ok so itll take hard work and perserverance. im going to be blunt with you, you might spend years trying to perfect your technique and u may NOT see satisfactory results. anyhow, with this warning out of the way, I will now, without further ado, give you my secrets for effectively, efficiently, and most importantly, accurately reproducing the noises a cat makes with he or she meows.

-youll need proper nutrition. plently of tumeric and salt. without nutrition, you WILL NOT be able to meow like a cat!

-NEVER EVER practice your meow routines before lunch! always wait until AFTER LUNCH!

-breath deeply before every meow and try youyr hardest to produce low, gutteral sounds that originate deep in your stomach. this will loosen the vocal cords. this is an essential technique if you want to MEOW LIKE A CAT!

-lastly, get plently of rest. meowing is hard work. aim for at least 9 HOURS OF SLEEP... EVERY NIGHT!!!!!!!!

happy meowing

If you want to meow like a kitten, they say " mew " really high pitched. It helps to tighten your throat when you say it... (if that makes any sense :D) I tried many times to try and get my cats attention by meowing..but it never seemed to work..Haha!

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How do you meow like cats?

what you do is you say ow not meow in a cat pitch.

How do you talk like a cat?


How do you speak like a cat?


Do bobcats meow like a house cat?

No, a bobcat does not meow or purr like a domesticated house cat. A bobcat will growl and hiss at people.

Does nyan cat say nyan or meow?

Nyan cat says meow it just seems like nyan because it says meow really fast so it sounds like nyan even though why would a cat say nyan not meow? trust me im the creator of nyan cat.

What goes meow meow?

a cat, a big cat or a small cat.

How do you act like a cat?

by a cat costume and keep it on all day and meow like a cat crawl like a cat on the floor

What is the code for the littlest pet shop cat?

meow meow meow meow meow meow meow meow meow? Meow.

Does a cat meow?

Yes, a meow is one sound that a cat can make.

Can a possum make a meow sound?

No. A possum cannot make a meow sound like that which a cat makes.

How can you talk to your cat?

you say meow meow

Can a cat meow?

Yes, a meow is one of several sounds that a cat can make.

What do you call the sound a cat makes?

The sound a cat makes is "MEOW". MEOW

Is meow what a cat says?

Yes, meow is what cat says every day.

What is anomanapiya?

It is a word that sounds like the thing it is used for. A meow of a cat is an anomanapiya because the word sounds like the cats' meow.

How do you make a cat meow?

you can frighten it or be mean to it, I also like to throw pie at my cat

What cat food came up with the jingle Meow Meow Meow?

LOL. Meow Mix.

What are the release dates for Foursome - 2006 Meow Meow Kitty Cat?

Foursome - 2006 Meow Meow Kitty Cat was released on: USA: 2006

How can you speak cat?

say meow meow :P you cant actually speak cat

Why does cat meow after eating?

Because cats meow. I've had them for most of my life, and different cats have different personalities. Some like to meow a lot, some hardly at all. Just the way the cat is. The cat might still be hungry, or the cat might just want attention.

What part of speech is meow?

Meow can be used as a verb and a noun. Verb: The cat meowed. Noun: Meow is the sound a cat makes.

What says meow?

well,actally nothing says meow however a cat makes a sound that sounds like meeeeuuuoooww

Does one cat understand the other cats meow?

Yes they can, but to us it sounds like: "Meow" Hope I could help!

What do you call a cat that can't meow?

a lion, they roar not meow

What does a cat say?

a cat says meow