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Combine the data within the cells to be merged before merging them.

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Q: How do you merge cells without losing data?
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How do you delete loading apps for iPad without losing data?

You cannot delete apps without losing the associated data. The app space and the data are essentially one.

How do you merge and center the selected cells in excel?

Highlight the cells you want to merge by left clicking, holding and dragging until all the cells are identified. At the top of the screen there should be an icon that looks like a square with two arrows pointing left and right; in older versions of Excel the icon says "Merge and Center". Once your cells are highlighted, click on this icon and the cells will merge and any data entered into the merged cell will be centered.

How do you format disk with out losing data?

you can not format a disk without losing the data, so back up all of your data elsewhere before formatting.

What happens when you merge cells?

When you merge a cell, the effect produced depends on the way the cells were merged. If it is a parallel connection, the cells functions as a single cell but if it is in series, they will combine their strength.

Is there a way to migrate from FAT to NTFS without losing data?

No, there is not.

Can you partion a disk that has an operating system on it without losing data?


How do you merge multiple cells containing multiple date in excel?

If you merge cells into one cell, the data from the first cell is retained and all other data in the other cells is lost. To get data from lots of cells into another cell you can concatenate them, using the & or the CONCATENATE function. So to combine the contents of cell A1 and B1, to be shown in C1, you could do this: =CONCATENATE(A1,B1) or =A1&B1 To put a space between the contents of the two cells then you would change it slightly, like these: =CONCATENATE(A1," ",B1) =A1&" "&B1

How do you downgrade from ios 9.2 to 9.0 without losing any data?


How do you unlock Samsung Galaxy player 5.0 without losing all the data?

Use a key

Can you do system recovery without losing data?

You can try that with some tools but if you have lost some important data then I'll suggest you to visit an expert for your HDD data recovery.

Who is best merge sort or insertion sort?

Merge sort is good for large data sets, while insertion sort is good for small data sets.

Are in which you can edit data in excel?

We can be adding many cells in one cell on list, split one into rows or columns or merge several rows or columns into a cell or both.