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How do you migrate Pokemon in Pokemon diamond from Pokemon fire redwith a dsi?


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you cant. you have to have a ds or ds lite.

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migrate from sapphire or fire red

put the gba game in the gba slot then put diamond in the ds slot and then start the diamond game and don't click on continue adventure, you press the down button and it will say migrate from fire red and there it will let you migrate Pokemon but what ever Pokemon you want to migrate has to be in you party in Pokemon fire red

You cnnot catch it in Pokemon fire red ,but you can catch it in Pokemon Diamond and Pearl.If you want it to be in your fire red,you will have to migrate it from your Diamond/pearl to your fire red.

you have to migrate them on Fire red or Leaf green you have to migrate them on Fire red or Leaf green you have to migrate them on Fire red or Leaf green

you have to migrate it from fire red or leaf green

put the fire red cartridge into the game boy boy slot and start up diamond on the main menu after you have unlocked the pal park go the migrate from fire red

You can't find Articuno in pokemondiamond but you can migrate it in pokemon leaf green version or pokemon fire red version.

Migrate from fire red leafgreen emerald or colosseum

no no You can migrate Pokemon from any GBA game to Diamond or Pearl, but not trade. you still get the Pokemon on diamond but you will not put new Pokemon in red

You don't you can migrate from sat fire,emerald,or ruby!

to get a syther you need to migrate it from Pokemon fire red get it in the game room then migrate it to migrate you need to see all species in the sinnoh region. you migrate at pal park

You have to have Pokemon fire red for GBA. Catch it on that.Once you have beaten the elite four and finished the Sinnoh Dex (on diamond) the Pal Park will open and you can migrate it from fire red to diamond.

Answer: You can't get it in Diamond.You can't get it in Diamond or Pearl. You need to catch it in Emerald, Leaf Green, Fire Red, or other GBA games and then migrate Lugia to Diamond/Pearl. Note: You can't migrate a Pokemon from a GB Pokemon game.

to get suicune on Pokemon diamond without action replay is to migrate from Pokemon fire red version or leaf green

No, you can only migrate them to Pearl or Diamond, you don't trade them.

Migrate Pokemon from Pokemon games in the past preferably fire red or leaf green

you have to migrate it from ruby,sapphire,emerald,fire red, or leaf green

You need to have a fire red GBA game inserted into the DS or migrate it.

you migrate one over from Pokemon leaf green or fire red...

migrate with emerald, ruby, sapphire, leaf green or fire red

You can't unless you migrate by using the pal park...

If your talking about EEVEE , No you cant ,You can only get it in Pokemon Leaf Green and Fire Red ,Then you can Migrate it into Pokemon Pearl ( Or Diamond )

You don't. But you can migrate it from Pokemon Fire Red or Leaf Green but I wouldn't if I were you because you don't get to keep it on Fire Red or Leaf Green.

u can migrate Pokemon from fire red, leaf green, ruby, sapphire, and emerald to diamond, pearl, and platinum but not the other way around.

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