How do you milk a cow?


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August 21, 2010 7:44PM

Between her back legs is a pinkish sac called the udder. Just below the udder there are four cylindrical/cone-shaped organs called teats. These are where you will be getting the milk from.

First put her in a stall with her head in a stanchion (a kind of head gate where her head is kept so she can't escape) with some hay for her to chew on. Next grab a clean bucket or pail and set it down below the udder, and have a stool to sit on as this will take more than just a few seconds.

Now take the teat (doesn't matter which) in one hand with your thumb and two forefingers forming an O at the base of the teat. Gently squeeze (not hard) and pull down, squeezing at the point of the teat (you will feel a little harder "mass" at this point) to let out the milk. You will have to squeeze a little harder at the point of the teat than at the base, but squeeze just enough so you can pull down on it. And repeat to get another squirt of milk out.

Once you've got the hang of it with one hand, try with the other. Often most farm folk that milk by hand can milk with two hands simultaneoulsy.

If you can't get it the first time, practice practice practice. Sometimes you may need an experienced farmer or farm hand to show you how it's done and what you're doing wrong.