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How do you monitor all hidden files in Windows XP?

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Hello, It's easy. Open my computer,go to tools on the top of the window. Click the view tab at the top. Double click the hidden files and folders icon. Click the show hidden files button.

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Does windows display all files default?

No. Certain files are hidden by default. You can reveal them by opening any folder, clicking on tools, folder options. View Options, view hidden files and folders.

What do you do to view hidden files on your computer?

To view hidden folders open Windows Explorer or My Computer. From there select the Tools tab at the top of the window. Then click on Folder Options, from there select "view all hidden folders".

Would the ls -a command show hidden files?

Yes, in Linux or Unix, this command will show all files including hidden files in the current directoryl. In general, hidden files are files whose name begins with a period "."

What files are essential for running windows?

All the files under C:\Windows, which is what contains the OS.

Which file extensions are hidden just after Windows is installed?

By default, Windows hides the extensions of files when viewed in Windows Explorer and on the Windows desktop. You may unhide all known file types by opening Windows Explorer, selecting Tools > Folder Options, clicking the View tab, and removing the checkmark to ñhide file extensions for known files types.î

What is the command to list all files and subdirectories ina directory?

Under M$ windows, "dir". Under *nix, "ls". "ls -al" will list ALL files and subdirectories (even the hidden ones which start with a '.' in a long format which is easier to read and tells you more information about the files).

How many hidden folders are on this computer?

Tools - Folder options and click View Tab. Enabling the option Show hidden files and folders will reveal you all those hidden files.

Can you downgrade windows 8 to windows 7.?

This is possible. You could backup all your important files, install windows 7 then restore all your files. You won't be able to migrate applications when you are downgrading

Can you safely delete all hidden files?

No, you can't. Some of hidden folders are system and required for OS to run.

Which MS-DOS command can display hidden files?

If you just want to display the hidden files, run following command: dir /ah this will show you all hidden files and folders.. However if you want to change the attributes permanently, use attrib command..

Is it safe to remove all of the 1386 files on your windows xp computer?

No, it is not safe to remove the I386 Files from your windows XP Computer. Because with out those files your computer would not be able to function proporly. It needs those files to run Windows XP.

All your laptop files open with windows media player.What are you supposed to do?

You need to change your Windows Defaults. This option is found in the Control Panel. You can choose which program to open files with by default. It sounds to me like all your files have a Windows Media Player Default setting on.

What kinds of hidden files are stored in home directories?

Programs store configuration files, caches, and other user-specific files as hidden files/folders in your home directory. To see a list of all of these files, use: $ ls -a ~ It is usually not a good idea to delete any of these files if you don't know what they are for.

What are hidden files and how can they is displayed in UNIX?

A hidden file is any file or directory that starts with the character '.' (period). It is designed to eliminate common files from showing with the 'ls' command. Using the -a option for 'ls' will show all files.

What do you mean by attributes of a DOS file?

All files, DOS, or Windows have attributes. Files can be Hidden, System, Read-Only, Archive, or any combination of them. For example, there are some important windows files that are hidden, read-only, and system. On a windows operating system, you can right-click the file, and choose properties from the menu. At the bottom, you should see the attributies of a file. In DOS ( only because you brought it up ) you would need to be in the directory of the the file and type "ATTRIB [filename]" to view the attributes. Type "ATTRIB /?" to read how to change the attributes.

How do you delet temperory files of computer?

For Windows XP: Click Start>>Run and Type %temp% and press Enter Delete all the files you see in the window For Windows Vista and Windows 7 Click on Start/Windows Logo then in Search type %temp% and press Enter Delete all the files you see in the window

How do you create hidden folders in Linux?

There's actually no such thing as a "hidden" file or folder in Linux. In Windows, files and folders are hidden by setting a file attribute on them, and is used to prevent novice users from viewing or modifying them. In Linux, a file or folder can be "hidden" from most shells and file managers by simply prefixing a "." in front of the name (.settings, for instance). A simple 'View > Show hidden files' or "ls -a" is all it takes to list them. The purpose is thus purely for cosmetic / organizational purposes.

You got a new virus it is called mypictures.zip how do you delete it it comes through msn and sends itself to all your online contacts you foun dit by searching your computer and deleted it but it kee?

Hello! I have delete it! The virus create an infected copy of EXPLORER.EXE in the folders: C:\WINDOWS\SYSTEM32 (or C:\WINNT\SYSTEM32) and C:\WINDOWS\SYSTEM32\DLLCACHE (or C:\WINNT\SYSTEM32\DLLCACHE) To remove it, start Windows in protected mode, then delete the files EXPLORER.EXE on these folders (there are hidden system files, then you have to enable to display hidden system files). That's all !!!!!!! Very easy. Aldito. This worm virus is probably running over existing IM files. Try to update your IM application and it will run over the virus files.

How do you delete system files from Windows XP?

Easiest way is to open "my computer" to the Windows folder and tell it to display all files. Then delete. Then replace computer.

Where does Windows 7 send files or folders when deleted?

The Recycle Bin. Windows keeps a special folder, for each disk, for the deleted files; if you open the "Recycle Bin", Windows will show you the deleted files for all connected drives.Note that Windows keeps only a certain number of MB of files for each drive; once that is passed, the oldest deleted files are eliminated permanently, when additional files are deleted.

Will installing Windows 7 overwrite all your files?

No. All of your previous files can be found in the C drive in a folder called "windows.old".

Do Windows XP applications EXE files work in windows 7?

Yes, exes work on all Windows Operating systems

How do you install windows but keep all of your files?

You have to backup all your files (do not use windows backup utility use one those advanced versions) and then install windows. After that you have to the files back (where you would like to have them) There are some options which allow you keep your files and do not use the backup option it's called system repair. But it's not recommended because the OS can get unstable.

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