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I tried and eventually had to delete them then reinstall in the new drive; there must be a better way but I couldn't find it. * Some programs run only within their own folder, and don't use any registry entries. These programs can be moved to another drive simply by dragging their folder to the new drive. You'll also need to replace any shortcuts in your Start menu or desktop. * If the programn does have registry entries, you'll need to reinstall it to the new drive. After the installation, you may be able to copy content from the old program folder to the new one, but be careful of replacing any newly created .ini files as they may have path information that refers to the new install location

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Q: How do you move a program from one hard drive to another hard drive?
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Can you install a hard drive from one CPU to another CPU?

The CPU has nothing to do with installation of hard drives. however if you wish to move one hard drive from on PC to another then this can be done easily as long as you have the right cabling

Can a computer virus move from one hard drive to another?

If the same operating system is on the other hard drive, then it's possible, providing its plugged in and active.

How do you download an xbox 360 game when the device is full?

Delete some older files on your xbox hard-drive. Move your saves to your memory card. Move your saves to your Hard-Drive. Buy another hard drive and put that in place of the old one and switch between them when you need to use them.

How can you reorganise files on a computer?

You can move files around, from one folder to another. For example, in Windows you can do this with the Windows Explorer.If you want to reorganize the physical location of the files on the hard drive, you will typically run a defragmentation program.

How do you move programs from hard drive to external drive?

You can simply copy paste the folder but it might not work after transferring. this is because all the folder information and files location is registered in the registry while installing the program. In this case you have to reinstall the program to your external drive.

I want to move EVERYTHING on my c drive to a 1tb portable hard drive and use this hard drive as my primary memory source and use c as a secondary memory source is this possible?

On C drive is where your Windows and program sis installed. So proably it won't do without reinstalling them.

Once you backup files to an external hard drive can you delete them from the computer hard drive to create space?

It depends on the type of file you are talking about.If you back up your documents (Word, Excel) or photographs then you can certainly delete them from your computer hard drive once they're on the external hard drive. If you need them again you can simply plug the external hard drive to the computer in order to access them.If you're talking about program files than you have to consider whether or not the external hard drive will always be plugged into your computer. If you move a program file and then unplug the external hard drive then you should not delete the files unless you plan on plugging the external hard drive in (or leaving it attached) every time you want to use that program. If you don't mind accessing a program from the external hard drive every time you need to use it than you can certainly delete it from your computer hard drive. Otherwise, make a copy to the external hard drive as a backup in case you have computer problems and leave the original version you want to run regularly on your computer.

Aside from using a memory card how can you transfer or move game data from one Xbox 360 to another?

You can just move the hard drive over as well.

How do you move space from one hard drive to the other I have a C drive with 14 Gb space and a DATA D drive with 23 Gb of space The C is 90 percent used while the data drive is only 25 percent used?

get a new pc, or at least a new hard drive! you can "move" space from one drive to another, but you can move files from one drive to the other. you could easily double your storage space for under $40

Why does Maplestory install to disk C can I install it to another hard disk?

It installs to C:\ because that is the drive you told it to install to. If you want to install it to another drive, simply choose a different drive letter during installation. Note that if you choose an external drive, the game will likely not work on another computer if you move the disk.

Do the files copied to an external hard drive disappear from the internal hard drive?

No, they don't disappear, unless you use the command move to...

How to transfer files between two hard drives?

Both hard drives have their own OS, one is win10 another one is win7 and win10 is the primary drive. They will be in the same tower and I want to move files from India

How can you move a directory from one drive to another drive through DOS?

xcopy /I

How do you add another hard drive in your computer?

To add another hard drive, Look at the jumper pins on the back of the new hard drive you wish to use as the secondary hard drive. Move the Jumper on those pins from MASTER to SLAVE to make the drive a slave drive and work under the primary hard drive. Now, open the computer after you have unplugged it and install the secondary hard drive, and make sure to hook it up to the IDE cable that is already hooked up to the primary hard drive, and hook it up only to the middle connector. The end connector of the IDE cable should already be in the primary hard drive so don't unplug it, just connect the middle connector of the cable that's already plugged into the primary drive to the secondary drive. Now, connect the power plug to the newly installed hard drive, plug in computer, and boot up. It should work just fine, and you'll gain more memory with that other hard drive!

Can you move your windows partition on your mac to an external hard drive?

You can certainly move Windows to an external hard drive but Windows will not boot directly from an external drive. If you are running Windows in Parallels (See links below) you can have Parallels installed on the Mac's drive and then have your Windows virtual machine on the external drive.

Is a standard USB drive similar to your hard drive?

"Not really. A USB drive is more like a CD or floppy disk, but is made to look like another drive on your computer when it's plugged in, because information can be added and removed from it at will" "A USB drive is similar to your hard drive in that you can freely move information on and off of it, but in reality, it's much closer to a floppy disk."

How do you move stuff from your Xbox hard drive to your flash drive?

you cant, from what i hear maybe a memory card

Is there a program that can move software to another disk?

total commander

Do you lose all of your information on your ps3 if you move it into another room?

i dont know but wont all the info be saved on the hard drive ? sorry if im wrong !

Can you put your hard drive into the new slim xbox 360?

Yes, you can find several videos about it, you need a screw driver with T6 and T8 size heads. The old hard drive with move around inside a little and could break the hard drive if you move the system so use some thing to fill the space or take it out before you move it.

Laptop computer saving documents to wrong hard drive C not D?

Your computer is set up to use drive C as a primary, assuming this is where the Windows folder is located. To save files on another hard drive, click on download and change the download destination, or you can save it to C then move it later.

Is there a good free program for creating a disk image of your hard drive so you can move it to another and get rid of this one?

I have used Acronis True Image. There is Norton Ghost which basically does the same thing. Acronis has a free version called Home, you might want to try that one.

Can you connect to Xbox live with a different hardrive on Xbox 360?

Yes, you can. Simply remove the hard drive then insert your new one. Unless your Xbox LIVE account is on the old hard drive, then it will not affect your Xbox LIVE experience. If your account is on the old hard drive, you can move it by selecting it inside of your Storage settings, then hitting Move. After that, just choose your new hard drive and the transfer will begin.

Can you move music from a 360 hard drive to a PC?

No, but you can do it the other way around.

What is exporting files?

When you move files from one program to another what you doing is exporting the file from one program and importing it into the other program